CongressAs our nation experiences an economic meltdown, those who brought it on are guaranteeing that it will get worse without massive government intervention. Yet they refuse to take the proper action that will solve the problem in the long run. Just the opposite, in fact.

PBSAs fate and fortune would have it, I arrived in Miami from Chile in time for one of the periodic fundraising drives for public television. Some things, it would appear, do not change. These events still feature cotton-candy personages gushing lovey-dovey messages about the glories and sanctities of public television, all the while hawking videos on the historic riches of Rome, Florence, Naples, and Venice. Such videos are without doubt among the glories and sanctities of public television.

The Post-American WorldRespected newsman and consummate insider, Fareed Zakaria paints a rosy picture of unabated globalism and global governance and tells why America's crises are overblown.

Obama McCain HugAnyone who tuned into one of the GOP candidate debates earlier this year would have experienced seeing the establishment candidates (McCain, Romney, Giuliani, and Huckabee) jabbing at each other over patently inconsequential matters.

Obama rallyPolitics "stops at the water's edge," we are often told, but fortunately it does not hesitate at state borders.

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