50 yearsJohn Birch Society CEO Art Thompson and President John F. McManus talk about the goals and accomplishments of their organization during its 50-year history. And they lay out the framework of the future they foresee.

McCain Forgetting POWsConsidering that John McCain himself was a POW during the Vietnam War, why is he so dismissive of the evidence that other POWs remained in captivity after the war's end?

FireproofIt has to be more than obvious to any casual observer that many marriages these days are in trouble. The high rates of separation and divorce lead one to conclude that many couples no longer respect and obey the enduring “until death do us part,” portion of their marriage vows, even though most contracted them in front of, and asked blessings from, God. It’s also glaringly obvious that some couples cannot distinguish between lust and love, entering into marriages that are doomed to failure when the lust runs out. And some are just plain in love with the idea of having a wedding, being caught up in the sights, sounds, trimmings, and festivities of the event, blind to the realities of the future: the duties, dignity, and sanctity of a life-long commitment ordained by God.

Obama Nation book coverIn The Obama Nation, author Jerome Corsi offers some devastating critiques of Barack Obama, including his ties to radical leftists and his "cult of personality."

CongressAs our nation experiences an economic meltdown, those who brought it on are guaranteeing that it will get worse without massive government intervention. Yet they refuse to take the proper action that will solve the problem in the long run. Just the opposite, in fact.

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