I am heartened to see some Senators — including Sen. Rand Paul — pledging to oppose President Trump’s nominees for State and CIA. Let’s hope many more join him.

The entire ATF scheme known as “Fast and Furious’ seems now to have been created to have many guns in the hands of killers, drug lords, et al. and to become a stimulus for Congress to enact stricter gun laws for all Americans.

In this motion picture version of the daring 1976 Israeli raid to free hostages in Entebbe, Uganda, the audience is treated to the point of view of the terrorists, as well as the heroism of the Israeli commandos.

Republicans lately congratulating themselves on a dominance not seen since 1928, might revisit what happened to the Class of 1928.

The problem of the internationalists is that the vision they have on offer — a world of free trade, open borders and global government — are constructs of the mind that do not engage the heart.

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