Thomas Sowell's new book, Discrimination and Disparities, contains a wealth of data and analysis that turns much of the thinking of politicians, academicians, legal experts and judges into pure, unadulterated mush.

Joe Biden’s entry into the race for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president has resurrected, to Joe’s chagrin, the 1991 ordeal endured by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

President Donald Trump has decided to cease cooperating with what he sees, not incorrectly, as a Beltway conspiracy that is out to destroy him.

As activists around the world recently celebrated Earth Day with warnings about the awful state of our planet, now seems like the right time to share the good news that actually we're not running out of resources.

In America today, taking a stand for traditional values invites recriminations, even silencing. Progressives enjoy challenging past values, and they are winning many battles. Ask David and Jason Benham about what’s happening on college campuses and be prepared for bad news.

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