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Lord Monckton: Marxist Green “Religion” Propaganda at UN Rio+20 Failed

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RIO DE JANEIRO — A scandalous publicity stunt that saw Rio’s iconic Christ the Redeemer statue turned green for the United Nations Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development backfired big time, UN critic and environmental realist Lord Christopher Monckton told The New American in an exclusive interview under the monument after the “sustainability” summit ended. And the Marxist-minded “environmental religion,” as he called it, failed spectacularly in its ongoing effort to displace Christianity.

Throughout the Rio+20 meetings, Christ the Redeemer — standing tall atop Corcovado Mountain, overlooking the city with arms outstretched — was lit up using bright green lights; transformed into a controversial UN propaganda scheme that saddened countless Christians. But analysts and critics, many of whom were outraged, said it was a fitting symbol for the international summit in more ways than one.

Lord Monckton, a policy advisor to former U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as well as one of the most well-known and passionate opponents of the UN agenda, described it as “a kind of childish message that the environmental religion is now replacing Christianity.” The prominent activist was also blunt in his verdict: “Well, no, it isn’t,” he said under the 130-foot statue.

"The Rio conference failed,” Lord Monckton explained gleefully, citing the lack of any new binding agreements that in his opinion would have aimed to create a socialist global government while destroying Western civilization. Ironically, perhaps, the green-Jesus propaganda gimmick failed even more spectacularly.

“Indeed, the Almighty Himself showed — as he so often does at these conferences — a sense of humor; because for almost the entire three days of the conference ... this hilltop, now bathed in sunset light, was concealed under thick fog, heavy clouds, and pouring rain so that the lurid green propaganda message — turning our Blessed Lord Himself into a crude campaign image — was blotted out by the hand of God,” he opined. “God is not mocked."

The agenda behind the move was transparent all along — indeed, a Chinese Communist was in charge of the whole summit. According to Lord Monckton, those who have lost the “true faith” have nevertheless felt the need for religion and a “common bond” between themselves. “They thought they had found it in the spurious nostrums of Marxist environmentalism," he said. “But the mood at this conference has been as downbeat as the weather was until the delegates at last departed, and only then did the sun come out and shine its benediction upon us.”

Of course, Lord Monckton is hardly alone in his analysis of the environmental movement. There are numerous prominent analysts who say that environmentalism has literally become a religion — one that, while theologically confused, may very well be seeking to take over at the expense of other faiths. In fact, whole books have even been written on the subject, some of which have even highlighted similarities between the “green movement” and certain Christian teachings.

Recently, Hollywood and self-described communists redoubled their efforts to paint Jesus Christ red. “Jesus and his followers were communists,” alleged actor and director Matthew Modine in a short but widely celebrated documentary he created dubbed “Jesus Was A Commie.” Socialists and communists praised the effort.

It seems purveyors of the green agenda, meanwhile, may be using similar tactics. And it is hardly a secret. Shortly before the Rio+20 conference began, green legend James Lovelock — the scientist and environmentalist who first introduced the “Gaia” concept but recently conceded that he was “alarmist” about global warming — warned that the “green religion” was now “taking over from the Christian religion.”

While the whole idea may sound absurd to most Americans, for many Rio+20 summit participants, the widely criticized “green” publicity using the statue of Christ no doubt had special connotations. In a separate interview with The New American released last month, Monckton also suggested a correlation between greens and reds, noting that the modern-day environmental movement had been co-opted by what he termed “the traffic light tendency — the greens too yellow to admit they're really Reds.”

But according to Lord Monckton, at least, that anti-Christian agenda took a serious blow in the wake of Rio+20. “These people who dare to try to supplant Christianity and to offer a shoddy new religion have failed. They have failed spectacularly,” he concluded. “No one now wants to hear their message of puritanical doom and apocalyptic gloom.”

Instead, an optimistic Lord Monckton said, following the lack of real progress on advancing the controversial UN agenda and a series of stunning setbacks in recent years, hope for the future of prosperity and freedom remains. That means the agenda behind the increasingly controversial environmental “religion,” he concluded, can still be defeated. And the Judeo-Christian West — even with its liberty and values under constant threat — can still be saved.

Watch the exclusive interview on Corcovado Mountain below:

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