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Apparently responding to political heat for her public statements defaming Patriot Prayer and inciting Antifa violence against this peaceful, multiracial group, Rep. Nancy Pelosi is the first nationally prominent “progressive” Democrat to issue a statement denouncing the masked Antifa thugs stalking our campuses and city streets.

Faculty supporters of Dartmouth College lecturer Dr. Mark Bray, author of Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook, are whining that Bray, who supports Antifa's physical violence, is being abused because of verbal criticism of his stance.

The deadly Charlottesville riot, in which neo-Nazis (national socialists) clashed with Antifa communists (international socialists) is being used by the establishment media to glorify violent Antifa criminals as heroic champions against racism and fascism.

The establishment media “crybullies” whine that President Trump’s speech at a Phoenix rally has them in fear for their lives.

Sunday, 27 August 2017 00:00

Al Gore, “Energy Hog” Hypocrite

Though Al Gore pushes plans that will cause huge rises in energy costs, causing the poor and middle class to drastically cut back on energy usage, he guzzles electricity.

Science has been exposing one global-warming falsehood after another. Predictably, the $1 trillion-a-year climate-alarmist industry is screaming.

Al Gore, whose energy-squandering Nashville home earned him an "energy hog" rating, has a hypocritically large carbon footprint. This, along with the public's fear fatigue over global warming fright-peddling, may account for An Inconvenient Sequel bombing at the box office.

Wednesday, 09 August 2017 14:29

Fake News Fails to Comprehend

Even as left-wing news outlets, such as PBS, wonder aloud why the public distrusts them, they call anyone who disagrees with them vile names and celebrate leftist violence.

What are Scaramucci-Goldman Sachs-Blackstone-Trump ties to a virtually unknown “investor” in HNA Group, the shadowy Communist Chinese conglomerate?

“Dangerous.” “Un-American.” Climate activists and their media promoters are ranting and sputtering in an epic meltdown as Trump administration and responsible scientists propose a Red Team-Blue Team review of global-warming evidence. 

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