William F. Jasper

Leftist media, feminists rush to her aid, denounce legitimate criticism as “Islamophobia,” “hate.”

Hateful, incendiary rants from Madonna, Ashley Judd; Media cover up communist parties, radical groups sponsoring-promoting-organizing the event.



If the deadly schemes of the giant tax-exempt foundations are to be stopped — and they must be — we must learn from the failed attempts of the past to bring them to account.

Even as Democrats publicly and loudly decry corporatist political “dark money,” billionaire Democrats and other donors funnel hundreds of millions to radical and violent causes.

Although protesters failed to have any effect on President Trump's inauguration Friday, organizers vow to continue their disruptions.



Monday, 20 December 1999 00:00

Clinton’s Terrorist Jailbreak

The President’s clemency for FALN thugs opens the door to new acts of violence and exposes the hypocrisy of his supposed tough stance against terrorism.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017 22:00

Inauguration or Coup: Which Will It Be?

As Inauguration Day comes down to the wire, the moves of globalists and intel chiefs point to frightening prospects.

The New York Times, along with the Washington Post, CNN, NBC, and the rest of the Big Media echo chamber, are stoking the “protest” fires, hoping, apparently, for real fire and riots.

A long-suppressed CBS interview of unrepentant George Soros admitting he was a Holocaust helper further demolishes his credibility to pose as the “conscience of the world” and a champion of democracy and “open societies.”

But don’t expect the Times to pull back on its non-stop global-warming propaganda and fake news.

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