William F. Jasper

How many times do top game biologists have to expose this bogus alarm before the media fright peddlers drop it?

The discredited Big Media are doubling down against Trump to save the UN pact that would transfer trillions of dollars to socialist regimes and favored “green” corporations.

The real aims of the establishment media’s “fake news” alarm are to delegitimize Trump’s election, while also demonizing and censoring anti-globalist media websites.

The mainstream media flowed to the leftist narrative that 37 electors would defect from Trump for election hacking and issues of competence, but only two did: twice as many (four) defected from Clinton.

The "fake news" meme is being perpetrated by the political and media elites that have been the worst practitioners of malicious propaganda and disinformation.

The post-election anti-Trump riots could be a prelude to widespread violence that is being planned for the run-up to Inauguration Day. Why are the DOJ and IRS ignoring the billionaires and their  "non-profit" organizations that are funding this chaos?

It’s not only anti-Trump rioters; the globalist billionaire’s private rent-a-mob armies have been rampaging across the United States and causing chaos worldwide for years.

Wave bye-bye to help the spoiled celebrities and degenerate divas who pledged to leave but are now balking.

Incredible pre-Election Day scandal tsunami includes occult, Satanism, child sex trafficking, along with a profusion of pay-for-play (bribery) charges, as well as national security compromises and corruption charges too numerous to mention.

Hillary, Huma Abedin, Sydney “Sid Vicious” Blumenthal, and Jake Sullivan break the law and compromise national/global security by sending classified information over private e-mail.

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