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Get ready: Here comes the concentrated push for accepting a new flood of refugees/migrants, along with vastly expanded taxpayer funding for refugee/migrant programs both here and worldwide.

Pickle-jar gags with comedian Jimmy Fallon don’t count as genuine press conferences, but neither do scripted tarmac gigs with friendly, lovey-dovey reporters.

The official 10,000 Syrian refugee target number to enter the United States has been achieved, but it is only a fraction of the total refugee influx — and doesn’t include new designations crafted to sneak in many thousands more.

Pressure from above and below: At the Federal Reserve’s Jackson Hole summit, central bankers sat down with street revolutionaries to give the impression there is popular support for their plans to raid the savings and investments of the middle classes worldwide.

The Federal Reserve's recent Jackson Hole conference provides another danger sign of planned economic havoc on the near horizon.

For Clinton’s media pals, her delivery of 20 percent of U.S. uranium to Russia is not news. But new documents may force the issue.

With no regard to her massive carbon footprint, Hillary Clinton is jet-setting back and forth from East Coast to West Coast, on a record run of Big Bucks soirees with the uber-rich of Wall Street, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley (Rothschilds, Sabans, Katzenbergs, et al) while avoiding press conferences that might bring up her health, e-mails, and Clinton Foundation corruption.

The professional Soros migration/refugee agitators are rallying the street radicals to create the appearance of popular support for the UN’s September Refugee Summit and President Obama’ plan to “surge” thousands of Syrian “refugees” into American communities.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016 19:00

Trump vs. the Establishment

Not since Republican Barry Goldwater ran for president in 1964 has a candidate been so universally attacked by bigwigs in both parties because he might upset the status quo.

A non-stop migrant/refugee invasion of Europe and the United States should be accepted as “the new normal,” says secret Soros migration institute report.

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