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With no regard to her massive carbon footprint, Hillary Clinton is jet-setting back and forth from East Coast to West Coast, on a record run of Big Bucks soirees with the uber-rich of Wall Street, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley (Rothschilds, Sabans, Katzenbergs, et al) while avoiding press conferences that might bring up her health, e-mails, and Clinton Foundation corruption.

The professional Soros migration/refugee agitators are rallying the street radicals to create the appearance of popular support for the UN’s September Refugee Summit and President Obama’ plan to “surge” thousands of Syrian “refugees” into American communities.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016 19:00

Trump vs. the Establishment

Not since Republican Barry Goldwater ran for president in 1964 has a candidate been so universally attacked by bigwigs in both parties because he might upset the status quo.

A non-stop migrant/refugee invasion of Europe and the United States should be accepted as “the new normal,” says secret Soros migration institute report.

Prime Minister May has said “Brexit means Brexit” and that she intends to honor the will of British voters, but some critics and supporters think she intends for Britain never to leave the EU.

Angela Merkel’s government denies recent stories that it is flying large numbers of refugees into Germany on secret night flights.

Was U.S.-based and CIA-backed Mullah Fethullah Gülen behind the July coup attempt, as President Recep Erdogan, Turkey’s authoritarian strongman, claims?

It is Clinton’s selling of U.S. uranium reserves to Russia, not Trump’s off-the-cuff comments, that genuinely “raises national security issues"  — and should be the focus of media and congressional investigations.

0 for 6. Marilyn Mosby, the state prosecutor and chief arsonist in Baltimore’s inflammatory Freddie Gray case, has dropped all charges against the remaining three officers, but now faces possible disbarment and lawsuits from the law enforcement officers she persecuted.

“Europe is about to collapse and has to be completely reinvented,” says billionaire globalist George Soros in his latest interview.

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