William F. Jasper

Four state attorneys general are in federal court today in a last ditch effort to block the Obama-UN scheme to transfer of a key part of the Internet architecture to a unaccountable global organization.

Thursday, 29 September 2016 20:00

Obama-UN Internet Takeover Is Just Hours Away

October 1 is D-Day for the start of the international takeover of the Internet, a scheme the Obama administration and the United Nations have been advancing for years. Why are GOP leaders AWOL as President Obama and the United Nations move to transfer critically important jurisdiction over the Internet to an unaccountable UN-aligned monopoly? Why are Ryan and McConnell doing nothing?

Tuesday, 27 September 2016 16:00

1st Debate: Clinton-Holt Tag Team vs. Trump

NBC “moderator” Lester Holt was the third debater in a blatantly biased performance that repeatedly challenged and interrupted Trump, while serving creampuffs to Clinton.

The Obama-UN refugee summit extravaganza was bracketed with bombings, shootings, and mass murder — both before and after the summit events, and on both coasts as well as in America's heartland.

“We’re With Her!” From outright endorsements to covering up her innumerable scandals to hounding her opponent Donald Trump, the mainstream media (MSM) choir has shown that it is “all in” for Hillary Clinton.

Demanding more power, more money, and an EU Army, Jean Claude Juncker’s State of the European Union speech confirmed critics’ charges that the European Commission plans to grab all remaining powers away from the EU member states.

A planned trillion-dollar initiative would send more American companies and jobs overseas, and bring more Chinese investment, more foreign workers, and more refugees here.

Get ready: Here comes the concentrated push for accepting a new flood of refugees/migrants, along with vastly expanded taxpayer funding for refugee/migrant programs both here and worldwide.

Pickle-jar gags with comedian Jimmy Fallon don’t count as genuine press conferences, but neither do scripted tarmac gigs with friendly, lovey-dovey reporters.

The official 10,000 Syrian refugee target number to enter the United States has been achieved, but it is only a fraction of the total refugee influx — and doesn’t include new designations crafted to sneak in many thousands more.

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