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In a deeply controversial survey given to schoolchildren across the country, federal authorities improperly solicit information about everything from the sexual and drug habits of children to home and family life.

The United Nations and its widely ridiculed International Criminal Court just suffered another massive blow — possibly a fatal one — to whatever credibility they may have had left.

In a troubling sign of things to come across the Western world, government schools across the United Kingdom will no longer use the terms “Before Christ” (BC) or “Anno Domini” (AD) for historical dates — even in religious education.

Facing a growing avalanche of corruption scandals that threatens to bring down her network and even the disgraced agency she leads, the communist director-general of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and her allies are scrambling to install a corrupt successor who can help keep a lid on all the malfeasance. If an independent outsider were to take over and launch a serious investigation of what has been happening at the UN agency since scandal-plagued UNESCO boss Irina Bokova took over in 2009, it could even result in prison terms, well-informed sources told The New American magazine. However, with operatives for Islamist and communist regimes leading the race so far, and the media remaining largely silent, it will take significant efforts by the agency's member states to ensure accountability and transparency.

Much of the Trump administration's tax plan has been enthusiastically received by conservatives, taxpayers, and liberty-minded activists, but among some key leaders, there are significant concerns to be addressed before it becomes law. In particular, two prominent members of the Paul family — former Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) and his son, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) — have highlighted some elements they view as problematic. The details of the plan are still being ironed out by lawmakers and officials, though, with those concerned leaders expressing hope that the problems can be dealt with prior to passage.

An elementary-school principal in Washington State threatened to punish young children if their parents did not show up to a school event or provide an excuse, according to media reports.

Spanish authorities have been using violence and intimidation to quash a powerful secession movement and what they call an illegal referendum in the Catalonia region of Spain. Video footage of Spain's national police force beating firefighters and even elderly voters, while trying to sabotage the election by seizing ballots, has gone viral worldwide. But despite the global outcry, and despite estimates suggesting that nine out of 10 votes supported secession, the Spanish government has made clear that it has no intention of allowing the Catalan people to declare independence. Now transnational authorities are getting involved.

Faced with increasingly violent Marxist revolutionaries styling themselves “Antifa,” along with legions of useful idiots who might genuinely believe their phony narrative, conservatives and non-statists on college campuses across America have been in many cases literally terrorized into silence. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is working to change that.

Presumably in an effort to fan the flames of racial division and undermine national unity in America, a Russian government-linked “troll farm” has just been exposed for reportedly buying Facebook ads on behalf of the so-called “Black Lives Matter” movement. According to CNN, which admittedly is not a reliable source, the Russian ad buys specifically targeted areas that were already facing massive racial and political unrest fueled primarily by fake news from establishment media organs and hatred pushed by establishment race mongers seeking division and more hate. If CNN's reporting turns out to be true, the implications are enormous.

A disturbed and apparently confused 5th grade teacher in Florida sparked a parental outcry and a national scandal after demanding that the young children she indoctrinates refer to her by the supposedly gender-neutral term “Mix” instead of the traditional Miss or Ms. Victims included children as young as 9-years old.

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