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Despite an apparent increase in climate hysteria among global-warming theorists outraged by President Donald Trump, global sea levels have actually been declining for the last two years, according to data compiled by NASA and posted on its website. The official data, compiled from satellite observations, shows that levels dropped from a variation of about 87.5 millimeters to under 85 millimeters over the last two years.

A longtime education activist seeking to rescue Christian children from government schools, Exodus Mandate Director Lt. Col. E. Ray Moore (ret.), is seizing on the release of the new movie Dunkirk to advance his cause.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017 20:00

“A” Grades Surge as SAT Scores Plunge

All of the objective evidence shows that American students are getting dumber and more ignorant, yet the number of graduating seniors who have an A average has skyrocketed.

Imagine a world where supercomputers programmed by totalitarian technocrats make virtually every important decision for you, in addition to manipulating you at every turn. Such a dystopian future for the world may not be that far off — at least if humanity continues on its current course. And the technocrats behind the plan barely even bother to conceal their agenda at this point.  

The United Nations is now openly plotting with Big Business and Big Government to exploit Artificial Intelligence (AI) to further its agenda, especially the totalitarian ideology it calls “sustainable development.” Multiple UN bureaucracies have convened summits this year for that purpose, bringing together leading experts in the field from around the world. The goal: To harness AI and Big Data for what the UN considers to be “the global good.”

The infamous “swamp” and its “fake news” media organs were foaming at the mouth after President Donald Trump's Monday speech at the National Scout Jamboree. From fury over Trump's defense of “Merry Christmas,” to manufactured outrage about the president's alleged politicking in front of children, the establishment press was in full meltdown mode as anti-Trump hysteria masquerading as “news” flooded the wires. No doubt the swipe against ObamaCare or the half a dozen references to God annoyed the press, too. Perhaps what most infuriated the swamp and its increasingly discredited “mainstream” media, though, were Trump's repeated jabs at their never-ending stream of “fake news” and “fake polls.”

A new “Global Education Institute” to further the United Nation's globalist agenda and ideology in university education was unveiled last week in South Korea.

The decline in moral values among so many millennial Americans, especially as it relates to marriage and family, is costing them big time — not just spiritually and intellectually, but financially as well. And the consequences are becoming increasingly widespread.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017 14:30

G20 Meeting Agrees to Globalize Education

The Group of 20 governments and dictators, known as the G20, agreed to a document that touts various globalist education schemes. Indeed, high-ranking globalists took a break from demanding a “New World Order” to celebrate the G20 jumping on the “global education” bandwagon as part of “shaping an interconnected world.”

Senior leaders of the United Nations gathered recently to continue plotting the future of globalized pseudo-education, which they said must be imposed on every child on the planet to advance the UN's radical plan for humanity known as “Agenda 2030.”

Speaking in front of an adoring crowd in Warsaw, Poland, President Donald Trump offered a vigorous defense of Western civilization, the nation-state, borders, freedom, and Christendom. He pointed to a number of forces that threatened to undermine those key values and ideas, ranging from lawless government bureaucracy and a loss of confidence in Western civilization to Islamic extremism and open borders. While his rousing speech inspired patriots and liberty lovers around the world, a crucial threat to what remains of the free world — globalism and the forces behind it — was never specifically mentioned. But outside of the increasingly fringe “fake news” media, Trump's historic July 6 speech was well received across Poland and America.  

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