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In violation of the unalienable rights to free speech and freedom of the press, yet another United Nations agency, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), is again abusing the legal system in an attempt to bring criminal charges against a journalist over his factual reporting.



Despite regularly ridiculing the United Nations and repeatedly proposing a scaled-back U.S. role in it, President Donald Trump struck a very different tone this week, calling for empowering the controversial UN dictators club to somehow “solve” the North Korea issue, Syria, and other problems. Speaking at a meeting of UN Security Council diplomats convened at the White House on Monday, Trump demanded that the UN be ready to impose new sanctions if Communist Chinese-backed North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un does not cooperate. Ironically, the dictatorship in Beijing — North Korea's strongest ally — holds a veto-wielding seat on the UN Security Council. But Trump indicated he wants that same global body to wield even more power. 

Multiple establishment-backed globalist candidates were defeated in the French election this weekend, paving the way for a rare runoff next month between anti-globalist Marine Le Pen and establishment globalist Emmanuel Macron. The stakes are extremely high for France and the West. And while pollsters are already predicting that the remaining establishment globalist will win, more than a few analysts noted that they said the same thing about Hillary Clinton and the pro-European Union camp in Britain's historic Brexit vote.

As if the United Nations and its largely autocratic member regimes had not yet sufficiently perverted the concept of “human rights,” now “human rights” and “personhood” are being bestowed on rivers and other inanimate creations by governments. Animals are next in line for “human rights.” Meanwhile, the UN and most of its member governments continue to trample on the actual human rights of actual humans — and especially the smallest, most innocent, and most vulnerable humans. The legal and religious implications of the developments are enormous.

The anti-establishment forces that put President Donald Trump in power are reportedly being sidelined, and the globalist establishment could not be happier. Indeed, countless establishment media organs were openly celebrating in recent days and weeks as reports emerged of anti-globalist, anti-establishment voices such as Steve Bannon within the Trump administration being pushed aside by the president. In their place, Trump has reportedly been relying instead on the very establishment types, globalists, liberals, Wall Street executives, and neocon warmongers who viciously attacked him every step of the way during his campaign.

At a newly established “School of Global Governance,” one of the most brutal and murderous dictatorships on the planet is training what it hopes will be the leadership of the future “global governance” system.

Legislation has been introduced in Congress to defund and overturn a controversial Obama administration decree from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to transform and “diversify” American neighborhoods under the direction of Big Brother. The new bill would also reverse the attempted unconstitutional usurpation of power over local zoning decisions by the federal government and the unelected regional authorities charged with managing the transformation. And the measure would end a “geospatial database” mandated under the scheme to track the racial and income composition of each area, part of the scheme to redistribute people based on their melanin content and earnings.

United Nations “peacekeeping” troops have faced some 2,000 allegations of rape, pedophilia, and sexual abuse of civilians in a little over a decade, an explosive investigation by the Associated Press found. Many of the victims were just young children. And considering the fact that it is well known and even acknowledged by the UN that the atrocities perpetrated by its soldiers are drastically under-reported, the thousands of accusations likely represent just the tip of a gigantic iceberg of horror. Adding insult to injury is the impunity, with the UN's “peace” forces virtually never held accountable for their savage crimes.

The U.S. Justice Department is facing growing criticism over an ongoing, Obama-era prosecution — or persecution, as some critics have put it — of a political activist accused of shutting down a hospital's website. His goal was to bring attention to what he and others across America viewed as a grave injustice. The alleged crime has been described by critics of the prosecution as “civil disobedience” tantamount to “digital vandalism” — all for what the critics viewed as a very worthy cause: saving a girl from potentially life-threatening abuse inflicted with the cooperation of local government. But if prosecutors get their way, the man could face more than a decade behind bars. Family members and supporters are hoping Attorney General Jeff Sessions might intervene.

Many of President Donald Trump's staunchest supporters — the very people who put him in the White House — expressed feelings of anger and betrayal following the administration's illegal military attack on Syria. Among the prominent Trump backers who have spoken out so far are conservative pundit Ann Coulter, one of Trump's earliest and fiercest supporters, along with radio host Michael Savage, one of America's most popular talk-show personalities, who is credited by some analysts with putting Trump in the White House. Also speaking out was former U.K. Independence Party (UKIP) leader and Brexiteer Nigel Farage, along with his successor Paul Nuttall. In France, National Front Leader Marine Le Pen also condemned the attack. And in Congress, true constitutionalists such as Senator Rand Paul pointed out that Trump's attacks were unconstitutional.

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