Michael Tennant

Under an unconstitutional 1906 law, President Obama has set a new record for federal land and water seizures, claiming acreage equivalent to more than triple the size of Texas.

In his latest Waste Watch report, Representative Steve Russell highlights $140 billion in “cost overruns, poorly designed programs, and money that was dumped down the drain.”

Tuesday, 20 December 2016 08:23

ObamaCare Funding Abortion in Many Ways

Despite an executive order supposedly prohibiting ObamaCare from funding abortion-on-demand, the healthcare law, with a little help from the Obama administration, is doing exactly that in a variety of ways.

Three-fourths of fraudulent applications for ObamaCare insurance submitted by federal investigators were approved, in some cases without requiring any corroborating documentation, according to a recent Government Accountability Office report.

Unable to feed their children, poor Venezuelans are increasingly turning their children over to others as the nation reels from years of socialism.

Venezuela's socialist president, Nicolas Maduro, is forcing businesses to offer Christmas sales and confiscating toys from warehouses to redistribute to children.

A Connecticut official is threatening to prohibit state employees from donating to the American Family Association via payroll deduction because of the group's opposition to the homosexual agenda.

Black Lives Matter posted a eulogy for the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, making it clear that the movement is not about justice but about communist revolution.

An award-winning video showing people with Down syndrome leading happy, productive lives has been banned from French TV because it might offend women who aborted their Down syndrome babies.

A climate-change skeptic delivered a 44-page report debunking many of the alarmists' claims to the 2016 UN Climate Conference in Morocco.

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