All visitors to Rio de Janeiro, certainly including the 35,000 arrivals for the 2012 Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development, can’t help but notice the imposing “Christ the Redeemer” statue overlooking the city. Brazil’s most famous landmark, the structure sits atop the 2,300-foot mountain named Corcovado.  Built over nine years, the completed monument was opened to the public in 1931. But it has a long history.

The New American’s Senior Editor Bill Jasper takes a live webcam report from Alex Newman, our on-site correspondent in Rio de Janeiro on June 18, two days before the official start of the United Nations' Rio+20 Earth Summit.


RIO DE JANEIRO — CNN founder and United Nations Foundation boss Ted Turner, speaking ahead of the UN Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development, called for a global ban on plastic and new UN contraception and education programs to reduce the human population. He also called himself the “king” of a lot of “things” and proposed – presumably joking – a ban on human breathing.

During a series of panel discussions and talks under the banner of “Women Leading the Way,” Turner, a highly divisive billionaire, discussed the need to “save everything:” lizards, snakes, frogs, flowers, and more. And after telling the audience about his massive land buys to preserve wildlife, he offered a series of controversial suggestions that he claimed would help save the earth from the alleged ravages inflicted upon it by humanity.

“We could ban breathing,” Turner proposed, smiling.

Governments and dictators assembling in Rio de Janeiro for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development must adopt even more stringent policies to reduce the number of people in the world and make sure that those who remain stop consuming so much, a taxpayer-funded network of more than 100 science institutions demanded in a newly released statement.

Meanwhile, new economic models are also needed, claimed scientists associated with the IAP Global Network of Science Academies. Politics and ethics — in other words, the will and morality of the people — cannot be allowed to stand in the way of the UN “sustainability” regime any longer; at least not if the world is to be saved from its primary enemy: humanity.

As governments and dictators around the world prepare for the upcoming “Rio+20” United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, the establishment press is hyping — rather than questioning — a dubious new UN report claiming that humanity’s failure to adopt so-called “sustainability” schemes threatens the Earth. Among the global entity’s controversial recommendations: less people, less consumption, “lifestyle modifications,” and a “shift” toward new “equity-based values.”

According to the UN report, dubbed the fifth “Global Environmental Outlook” (GEO-5), the Earth is in danger — and as always, it’s your fault. There are simply too many people consuming too many resources, and it will eventually bring about a cataclysm, the paper claims. However, if the global population promptly submits to the international body’s myriad demands, the UN implausibly alleges, it might still be possible to save the world.

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