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  • UN Goals for Humanity Target Children as “Agents of Change”

    The United Nations has a far-reaching global agenda for all of humanity, and your children are in the cross-hairs. In the UN document outlining the 17 "sustainable development goals" of its master plan, the word “education” alone is mentioned more than...
  • Homeschooling Offers Hope

    Homeschooling is a positive trend giving hope to American education.
  • What Does the State of the Union’s Readability Say About American Literacy?

    A comparison of the readability of George Washington's first State of the Union address and the same effort by Barack Obama reveals the union's reduced educational standards.
  • Big Brother Seeking to Get in Your Child's Head — Literally

    With help and funding from the federal government, Big Brother is about to get inside your child's mind — literally. Emerging technologies backed by the U.S. Department of Education are already being deployed in “education,” with federal education...
  • Liberty-focused Online Academy Exploding in Popularity

    Since its launch just three years ago, FreedomProject Education, a home education option for liberty-minded families, has exploded in popularity.
  • Missouri State Senator Proposes Anti-ObamaCare Bill

    Missouri State Senator John Lamping has pre-filed a bill that would take the teeth out of ObamaCare mandates in the Show Me State.
  • Washington Fruitcakes, Extra Nutty

    There's clearly no shortage of arrogance, senselessness, and deceitfulness among the current crop of politicians and central planners in D.C.
  • Homeschooling Up 62 Percent Over a Decade

    Between 2003 and 2012, the number of American children being homeschooled rose nearly 62 percent, according to U.S. Department of Education estimates.
  • The Mental Dismemberment of Children

    If you dream of taking the country back, start by saving the children from mental dismemberment and get rid of the Department of Education.
  • How to Protect Our Environment

    Concerned about the spotted owl and sage grouse or the purity and availability of water, woods, and open spaces? We tell why present “protections” aren’t working, and what will.
  • Education Department Throws America's Kids Under the Bus

    On July 27, Education Secretary Arne Duncan reiterated an earlier request for a 13.3-percent budget increase over 2011, which would bring Education Department spending to one-fifth higher than 2010 levels. Amid congressional arguments over reducing the...
  • Arizona Education Chief Nullifies Federal Food Fundraising Rules

    Arizona's superintendent of public instruction gives school districts the go ahead to ignore federal nutrition guidelines for fundraisers.
  • Boos, Walkout Greet Jeb Bush at CPAC Conference

    If the water pressure suddenly dropped in the greater Washington, D.C. Friday, it may have meant that former Florida Governor and early 2016 Republican presidential frontrunner Jeb Bush was on stage.
  • Would Ted Cruz Make a Good President?

    If elected president, would Ted Cruz follow the Constitution and protect the liberties of the people?
  • Who Are the World's Smartest Kids? Part 3

    There is much that American educators could learn by studying how Finland, South Korea, and Poland were able to achieve their high educational standings.
  • Education and the American Dream

    A recent study places the United States fifth among nations that have people with college degrees; we rank 12 th in K-12 educational achievement, while once-impoverished South Korea now ranks first.
  • Fifty Years of Title 1: Has It Worked?

    Title 1, which is a federal program meant to help poor and minority children succeed in school, has been in place for 50 years, but it still hasn't helped those children.
  • Have You Read My Book "Now Tell Me I Was Wrong"?

    When I wrote the articles compiled in my book Now Tell Me I Was Wrong , few Americans were listening. Some called me crazy — a radical, a conspiracy theorist, a fringe nut. Then I started reading editorials in newspapers and commentaries by others who...
  • America: Land of the Free?

    The Communist Manifesto once shocked American readers with its version of radical socialism, called communism. Now, it’s nearing complete implementation in America.
  • Will South Carolina Retire “Liberal Lindsey” Graham?

    South Carolina's Lindsey Graham has become the neoconservative Republican targeted by Tea Party and liberty movement organizations nationally, and the South Carolina U.S. Senate primary on June 10 may be the most important race of the 2014 campaign.

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