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  • Education Expert Says College Freshmen Read at Seventh-grade Level

    Dr. Sandra L. Stotsky, professor emerita at the University of Arkansas, recently said that Renaissance Learning’s latest report revealed that a large number of college freshman are reading at a seventh-grade level.
  • Who Are the World's Smartest Kids? Part 4

    What do we do about the public schools, which still mis-educate about 85 percent of American children?
  • GOP Establishment: Faking Right, Funding Left

    The Huffington Post reported recently on a faux conservative non-profit group, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions, which was instrumental in electing (or re-electing) “progressive” Republicans who were opposed by conservatives and Tea Party...
  • Alaska Considers Bill Requiring Study of Constitution, Key Founding Documents in Schools

    The Alaska state legislature is considering a bill requiring study of the Constitution in school.
  • $100K Per Ticket for Jeb Bush Park Avenue Bash

    If Jeb Bush fails to nail down next year’s GOP presidential nomination, it won’t be from a shortage of cash.
  • Tax Dollars Fuel Unlawful Nationalized Curriculum, Parent-Bypass

    Federal spending for K-12 education increased by approximately 1,050 percent between 1970 and 2009 (the most recent years for which firm figures exist). But public schools — the ones almost 90 percent of U.S. children attend — have seen negligible gains...
  • Obama's Early Learning Challenge and Our Failed Education System

    The Obama administration is seducing states with $500 million grants to get them to enroll kids into accredited, pre-kindergarten programs. The Early Learning Challenge (ELC) is yet another bribe under Obama’s “Race to the Top,” the $4.35 billion...
  • Mainstreaming Progressive Education: A Scheme Hidden in Plain Sight

    This is the sixth segment in a series on K-12 education. Although John Dewey, the originator of “progressive education,” defied most of the cultural, moral, and economic norms of his era, his message nevertheless somehow mainstreamed its way into K-12...
  • An "Extreme Makeover" for U.S. Education — Can We? Should We?

    This is the seventh and final segment in the series on K-12 education . A front-page August 16 Washington Times’ headline screamed: “Scores show students aren’t ready for college — 75% may need remedial classes .”
  • American Millennials Score Poorly Against Other Nations in Skills Assessment

    A recently released report from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) indicated that American “millennials” (those born after 1980 who were 16 to 34 years of age at the time of the study) scored near the bottom of the pack among 23 countries evaluated...
  • Finding Syrian Moderates: "Who's on First, What's on Second..."

    Members of Congress might feel a bit like comic Lou Costello in the famous "Who's on First" skit as they try to determine who to send arms and aid to in Syria to battle the terrorists of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), also known as...
  • Wisconsin Republican Party Rejects "Rabbit Hole of Nullification"

    Delegates to the Wisconsin state Republican Party annual convention rejected a proposal to support the power to nullify unconstitutional acts of the federal government.
  • Memo to the Movement

    Memo to the movement: The “Agenda for the 21st Century” is the root of your fight. Keep your eye on the ball!
  • Bulgarian Communist Is Now “Frontrunner” to Lead UN

    With an apparent nod from the Obama administration, Bulgarian Communist Party operative and current UNESCO boss Irina Bokova is reportedly the “frontrunner” to become the next secretary-general of the United Nations. The controversial radical, whose...
  • Real Solutions for Black Americans

    Contrary to popular belief, there are methods for helping blacks overcome economic and social problems other than direct government aid — proven, workable ways.
  • UN: Gov’t Must Control Private Schools Because of “Human Rights”

    The United Nations wants its member states, mostly dictatorships and repressive regimes, to clamp down hard on educational freedom under the guise of “human rights.” Concerned that students in private schools around the world are not receiving...
  • Thirty Years of Projecting the Lines

    The New American has made some amazingly accurate predictions during its first three decades of publication, as evidenced by the examples compiled in this article.
  • New Hampshire: It's Donald and Bernie for the Win

    As expected, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders cruised to victory in the New Hampshire primary.
  • Only 37% of High-school Seniors Ready for College

    The latest edition of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NEAP), also known as the “Nation’s Report Card,” released on April 27, indicated that only 37 percent of American high-school seniors were academically prepared for college-level...
  • Ayotte or Not?

    Senator Kelly Ann Ayotte of New Hampshire is a freshman “moderate Republican” seeking reelection in what is expected to be a tough race in the blue-leaning Granite State.

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