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  • Scotland Child Overseers to Push Homosexuality, Gender Confusion

    A controversial United Nations-inspired scheme in which Scottish authorities assign a specific government bureaucrat to oversee the development of each child, being implemented now, just got even more outrageous. In short, the “Named Person” will be...
  • Why Constitutionalists Should Celebrate April 18

    On the 239th anniversary of the ride of Paul Revere, we should remember his actions, British actions, and patriots' actions and then consider how America is faring today.
  • UN Demands More Globalist Propaganda in School Textbooks

    Under the direction of a known Communist Party operative from Bulgaria dogged by corruption charges, the scandal-plagued United Nations “education” agency released a new report demanding broad changes to school textbooks around the world. It is the...
  • IMF: The New Global Fed

    Politicians and Wall Street insiders are scheming to give the IMF unprecedented powers as the “system-wide policeman” of the planet.
  • Influential Beats: The Cultural Impact of Music

    Music can have a powerful influence on people, enhancing feelings of competitiveness, romance, isolation, hate, or patriotism. It can even help make or break a culture.
  • “Living,” “Evolving” Dangers Are Hidden in ObamaTrade (TPP & TTIP)

    Modeled after the deceptive, open-ended process of the European Union, the ObamaTrade TTIP and TPP would initiate an ongoing demolition of American sovereignty and the step-by-step integration of the U.S. with our Atlantic and Pacific “partners.”
  • The Third American Revolution

    More and more Americans are finally starting to realize we have a problem in this country. We must learn, organize, and rededicate ourselves to one goal — victory through a Third American Revolution lead by dedicated, demanding, freedom-loving...
  • Making Black Lives Matter

    The Black Lives Matter movement has blamed a litany of death and destruction on police nationwide. Not only are their facts false, their “solutions” cause increased carnage.
  • Libya: Now What?

    Gadhafi is now dead. After more than four decades of brutalizing the Libyan people, he died a brutal death. His convoy was hit by NATO bombs as it fled the city of Sirte. Western-backed revolutionaries finished the job, wildly shouting “Allahu Akbar” —...
  • Groomed for Globalism

    “Are you a citizen of the United States or are you a citizen of the world?” Professor and Ambassador Ahmad Kamal, a retired career diplomat from Pakistan, asked students sitting in the second week of their diplomacy seminar, in my freshman year of...
  • Man’s Upward Reach

    Religion, said Bertrand Russell, is “a disease born of fear and a source of untold misery to the human race.” Russell’s opinion has gained wide currency as the perception that Western Civilization is passing into a post-Christian phase gains hold. For...
  • When God is Cast from the Altar

    According to The Sun , Russia has experienced a series of murders, rapes, mutilations, and desecrations linked to Satanists. No, I did not say Stalinists, although, given how communists will persecute Christians, one could be forgiven for confusing the...
  • Poll Shows More Americans Dissatisfied With Abortion Laws

    Gallup’s annual Mood of the Nation poll conducted from January 5-8 indicated that only 34 percent of respondents are satisfied with “the nation’s policies regarding the abortion issue,” while 48 percent said they are not satisfied. The percentage...
  • ATF Bans Popular Rifle Ammunition It Says Is “Armor-Piercing”

    In its latest broadsice against the Second Amendment, the ATF declared that "green tip" M855 “ball ammunition” chambered in 5.56 mm is now “armor piercing” and can no longer be manufactured, imported, or sold in the United States.
  • Senate Republicans Seek to Repeal ObamaCare

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has announced that he will be introducing legislation to repeal socialized medicine, otherwise known as ObamaCare.
  • Presidential Front-runners

    In the three cover-story articles that are linked to on this page, we profile the top three heavyweights for president. On the Democratic side, Barack Obama appears to be the probable nominee, but Hillary Clinton is still in the running and neither...
  • Tea Parties Across America on Independence Day

    Doubtless I am not the only person who awoke on July 4 — Independence Day — wondering what we are independent from and if, from lack of vigilance, we have found ourselves in a situation parallel to what our Founding Fathers struggled against back in...
  • Rand Paul Shakes Up His Campaign Staff

    Kentucky Republican U.S. Senate nominee and Tea Party hero Rand Paul made a major change to his campaign staff this week, promoting Jesse Benton to campaign manager and relegating current campaign manager David Adams to campaign chairman. Benton has...
  • Obama Says Nation Has Marked a Milestone in Afghanistan

    Speaking to both military and civilian personnel at Joint Base McGuire Dix-Lakehurst in New Jersey on December 15, President Obama thanked the troops for their extraordinary service and noted that “after more than a decade of war, our nation is marking...
  • Fukushima's Children Aren't Dying

    Three years after a nuclear power plant accident, the Japanese suffer a thyroid cancer scare manufactured by major media.

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