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  • GOP Senate Confirms Obama's Pro-Common Core Education Secretary

    GOP senators, all elected to stop Obama, joined forces with most Democrats on Monday to confirm the deeply unpopular pro-Common Core nominee for U.S. education secretary, extremist John King.
  • Common Core-approved Textbooks Rewrite Second Amendment

    Several Common Core-approved textbooks have rewritten the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment.
  • Bellingham, Wash., Adopts Full-day Kindergarten With Common Core

    The Bellingham, Washington, school board announced that it has adopted a full-day kindergarten using the Common Core curriculum called HighScope.
  • California Common Core: Kids Graded on “Gratitude,” “Sensitivity to Others”

    The United States may be producing only one-tenth as many scientists as does China, but Americans may soon excel in at least one area: “sensitivity" — as defined by modern educational overlords.
  • Homeschoolers Outnumber Private-school Students in North Carolina

    As opposition to the Common Core curriculum grows, homeschooled students now outnumber private-school students in North Carolina.
  • UN Pushes Common Core-style Global Education Regime

    according to a report released last week by the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). With Common Core and related schemes, the Obama administration has been at the forefront of that effort. To deal with those that have not yet...
  • Obama's "Common Core of Standards": Final Step in Phony School Reform

    Top ,” was initiated in 2009 by the Obama Administration. It is structured around a serious-sounding program called the “ Common Core of State Standards Initiative Project, ” or CCS for short, which is set for implementation in 46 states, at last count,...
  • Citing Federal Control, Critics Slam Education Bill in Congress

    Rather than abolishing harmful and unconstitutional federal involvement in education, Congress is considering passage of the “Student Success Act” that would, among other provisions, re-authorize much of the No Child Left Behind and Elementary and...
  • Dr. Kirsten Lombard - What's Coming with Common Core

    - Dr. Kirsten Lombard - Editor of Common Ground on Common Core - talks about Common Core, and what's coming down the road on a national level.
  • GOP Congress Prepares Surrender to Obama on Education

    surrender to the Obama administration, a “bipartisan” education bill that solidifies federal control of schools and keeps Common Core while entrenching a dizzying array of unconstitutional “education” schemes.
  • Educators Offer Inside Scoop on Wisconsin Common Core Hearings

    In an exclusive in-studio video produced by The New American magazine, veteran educator Mary Black, who testified against Common Core October 3 at a Wisconsin hearing, speaks with fellow educational expert Dr. Duke Pesta about what happened and why the...
  • The Destruction of Education: Common Core

    Pesta, the academic director of Freedom Project Academy, describes what’s wrong with the federalized, one-size-fits-all Common Core standards for American education. Math by estimation and minimizing Classical Western Literature are just the beginning...
  • President of Advocates for Academic Freedom on Common Core

    - Karen Schroeder, President of the Advocates for Academic Freedom, speaks about the Common Core curriculum that is being implemented across the United States. She speaks on the dangers of the federal government controlling the education of America's...
  • Are You Prepared for the Daunting Future of Common Core?

    - Dr. Duke Pesta, academic director at Freedom Project Education, discusses the dangers of the new Common Core national education standards. He highlights the particular concerns parents should have about the upcoming health, sexuality, science, and...
  • Alongside Common Core, Feds Will Vacuum Up Data on Kids

    - Veteran educator Mary Black explains how, contrary to establishment claims, Common Core and the federal government's broader education "reform" agenda will indeed vacuum up huge amounts of information on American children for data-mining and other...
  • Common Core: Teaching Kids What — Not How — to Think

    - In this video about the Obama administration-backed Common Core education standards, veteran educator Mary Black highlights troubling elements including the teaching styles and the standards, saying they could lead to potentially disastrous effects...
  • Debunking the Myth that Common Core is State Led

    Mary Black addresses the commonly held myth that the Obama administration-pushed plot to nationalize education through Common Core is somehow a "state-led" effort, rather than a scheme concocted by Big Government, Big Business, and billionaires like...
  • Dr. Kirsten Lombard, Editor of Common Ground, on Common Core

    - Dr. Kirsten Lombard talks about her experiences editing "Common Ground on Common Core", the writers, and how she hopes it will get the everyday person to think of how Common Core will affect their lives.
  • Arizona AG: Parents Can't Exempt Kids From Common Core Tests

    Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovic issed a ruling declaring that parents do not have a right to opt their kids out of statewide assessment tests.
  • Obama’s Education Secretary Touts Government Boarding Schools

    In yet another scheme by the federal government to usurp an ever-expanding role in childrearing, the Obama administration’s top education bureaucrat, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, called last week for government boarding schools.

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