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  • Education Bills Solidify Federal Control of Schools, Children

    schemes — including draconian tools Obama has lawlessly used to nationalize education through the hugely unpopular Common Core standards. The White House has already indicated that it supports the legislation and will sign it, but critics are up in arms.
  • White House and GOP Conspired on Education Takeover

    bill that for the first time codifies Obama's radical education agenda — including the almost universally loathed Common Core standards and much more — into federal “law.”
  • Schooling for World Government: UNESCO’s Global Citizenship Education Forum

    Hundreds of educators and officials from around the world met at UNESCO headquarters in Paris January 28-30 to push forward the UN’s Framework for Action on Education — planetary central planning for children, families, and nations.
  • National "Science" Standards Preach Climate Hysteria, Evolution

    With the Obama administration-pushed Common Core nationalization of education sparking an unprecedented backlash among parents and teachers across the political spectrum, now would seem to be an especially bad time to foist even more radical “science”...
  • GOP Congress Imposes Obama's “Education” Agenda

    GOP leadership and establishment Republicans in Congress stabbed their constituents in the back to ensure the success of Obama's radical “education” agenda and codify it into federal “law,” all while deceiving the public about what the legislation...
  • College Board’s New History Course Deemed “Marxist”

    The complaints against Common Core are liable to grow even more intense now that the College Board’s history curriculum has been examined.
  • Education Malpractice

    Real education reform is doomed unless Americans expose and oppose the subversive schemes of the elite educators in our top universities and government agencies. Crimes of the Educators by Samuel Blumenfeld and Alex Newman provides both the exposure...
  • OECD: U.S. Schools Mediocre on Education Compared to World

    American high-school students scored "average" in a standardized test created by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, when compared with the rest of the developed world. American students scored below average in math (26th among...
  • Jeb Bush, Taxes, and the 2016 Presidential Race

    Jeb Bush will be the candidate of the establishment not simply because he is yet another Bush, but because of his political views.
  • Expect More Federal Control of Education with Obama's New Education Chief

    The selection of John King as "acting" secretary of education is yet another indication that Obama does not respect any checks on his powers by the Congress.
  • Opposition Slams GOP-Obama “Education” Agenda

    Education activists and conservatives are outraged about the latest GOP surrender to Obama. After voters elected Republican majorities in both houses of Congress to stop the Obama administration, the GOP establishment is again preparing to stab its...
  • SPLC Unhinged: Almost Everyone Is a “Conspiracy Theorist”

    Quick, do something! There are John Birch Society types ready to spread “conspiracy theories” from the “margins” into the “mainstream,” and they seem to be hiding under practically every bed in America! At least that's the impression given in a new...
  • Congress Plotting to Psychologically Profile Children

    After passing an Obama-backed education bill that undermines parental rights and state and local control over schools under the guise of making every student “succeed,” Congress is plotting its next unconstitutional “education” scheme: a bill to fund...
  • Trump Proclaims “National School Choice Week”

    Just days into his administration, President Donald Trump issued a proclamation in honor of “National School Choice Week,” touching on an important theme of his non-traditional campaign for the White House. In addition to honoring teachers across the...
  • SPLC Unveils LGBT Propaganda for U.S. Schools

    widely ridiculed and criticized even by left-wing leaders for shady practices and deception, recently unveiled a new Common Core-aligned “educational” campaign.
  • "More Than a Score" Presents the Liberal Case Against Standardized Tests

    , looking at the issue from a liberal perspective. Odd as it may seem, the liberal test-defiers are as much against the Common Core as are conservatives.
  • New York City's Educational Woes

    According to tests, less than half of New York public school students are college ready in the way of English, and less than 18 percent are college ready in mathematics.
  • Trump VP Pence: Globalist Neocon or Solid Conservative?

    appear torn. Some critics of the selection have blasted Pence as a globalist neocon who supports the Obama-backed Common Core scheme, sovereignty-destroying “free trade” regimes, unconstitutional wars, and other deeply unpopular policies, rather than...
  • Homeschooling and Other Education Alternatives on the Rise

    With the public schools becoming increasingly hostile to conservative values and the Christian faith, more and more parents are choosing to homeschool.
  • Atlanta School Cheating Scandal Is Just Tip of the Iceberg

    A massive conspiracy among government-education officials in Atlanta to inflate student test scores by cheating resulted this week in seven-year prison sentences for some of the conspirators, convicted by a jury recently of racketeering, conspiracy,...

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