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  • ObamaCare on the Brink

    As was predicted by opponents from the start, ObamaCare has begun to implode, owing to high costs brought on by government planners. Questions remain: Why, and what next?
  • Repealing ObamaCare

    ObamaCare is not an option — it is absolutely essential. It is absolutely essential, that is, if the United States of America is to survive as a constitutional republic with a federal government of limited powers. Repealing ObamaCare is also absolutely...
  • Obama Apologists Slam Lawless ObamaCare Rewrites

    When even pro-Obama apparatchiks are crying foul over Obama’s lawless implementation of ObamaCare — unilaterally changing, delaying, and re-writing over a dozen major provisions of the “Affordable Care Act” in violation of the actual statute — you know...
  • ObamaCare Repeal: Just What These Doctors Ordered

    When, in 2009, the American Medical Association (AMA) endorsed President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform bill, many Americans probably assumed that most physicians therefore backed the legislation. In fact, that was not the case at all.
  • ObamaCare Website Plagued by Security Problems

    The ObamaCare exchange at is so insecure that multiple cyber-security experts and lawmakers are calling for it to be shut down. In addition, professionals are warning potential users to beware of the gaping security flaws, which could...
  • With GOP Help, Senate Restores Funding for ObamaCare

    Senate voted September 27 to pass a continuing resolution that restores funding for ObamaCare that the House of Representatives had denied in its version.
  • Physician-legislator Dr. Ritze Speaks Out Against ObamaCare

    freshman conservative by the publication. Dr. Ritze authored legislation to enable Oklahomans to opt out of the federal ObamaCare. His bill passed both houses with comfortable margins, but was vetoed by Oklahoma's governor, a Democrat. Dr. Ritze then...
  • ObamaCare Celebrates its First Birthday: A Fitting Tribute

    ObamaCare celebrates its one-year anniversary on Wednesday, March 23. Believe it or not, it’s been one year since President Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. This act, together with its younger sibling, the...
  • Dr. Mark Baxter Speaks Out Against ObamaCare

    Dr. Mark E. Baxter is a former urgent-care and emergency-room physician and a Senior Airman Medical Examiner for the Federal Aviation Administration. He works in family medicine. He received his medical degree from the University of Utah and served his...
  • Senate Passes First Step To Repeal ObamaCare, Rand Paul Goes His Own Way

    Paul voted on January 12 to approve a budget resolution that would dismantle the Affordable Care Act — popularly known as ObamaCare.
  • Dr. Mal Mauney Speaks Out Against ObamaCare

    Dr. Mal Mauney is a former professor of optometry and director of clinics at the Southern College of Optometry. He was the president and CEO of the Vision Education Foundation, where he developed eye-care centers that render high-tech diagnostic and/or...
  • ObamaCare Cheerleader AARP Given ObamaCare Waiver

    President Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid saw to the passage of ObamaCare in March 2010, they feigned excitement over the supposed benefits that were to befall the American people. As time passed following the...
  • GOP Leaders Won’t Use Budget Battle to Defund ObamaCare

    congressional leaders have signaled that they do not intend to fight for defunding ObamaCare in upcoming negotiations over a continuing resolution.
  • Supporters Feel Betrayed by Wisconsin Gov. Walker on ObamaCare

    are fuming after GOP Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed an emergency rule to implement ObamaCare in the state and refused to return federal grant money provided under the scheme.
  • Whatever Happened to ObamaCare Repeal?

    Why employ a supposedly clever move in the House Ways and Means Committee to repeal the ObamaCare healthcare law, as opposed to submitting a stand-alone bill for repeal? Why pass legislation that addresses only part of the problem and then attach it to...
  • Putting Lipstick on the ObamaCare Pig

    In a March 13 op-ed for the Washington Post , President Barack Obama’s lead pollster, Joel Benenson, wrote : “When it comes to health care and insurance, once reform passes, the tangible benefits Americans will realize will trump the fear-mongering...
  • Democrats Prepare for Battle Over ObamaCare in Next Congress

    in September, when Republicans first floated the idea of starving the ObamaCare beast, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius argued that "what the Republicans will be faced with" when they try to defund ObamaCare "is really taking those...
  • Dr. Fredrick Pierce Speaks Out Against ObamaCare

    Dr. Fredrick Pierce graduated from medical school in 1955 and spent stints in the military services at the Navy Aviation Medical School and as an Army flight surgeon before beginning a long career in industrial medicine in the environmental and...
  • Doctors for Freedom

    Choose Freedom — Stop ObamaCare tour is a nationwide speaking tour/media tour of physicians sponsored by The John Birch Society. It is an important part of the Society’s comprehensive Choose Freedom — Stop ObamaCare campaign that includes billboards,...
  • Trump Picks Anti-ObamaCare Tom Price to Head HHS

    President-elect Donald Trump announced on November 29 that he will nominate Representative Tom Price (R-Ga.) to be secretary of Health and Human Services.

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