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  • Climategate 2: More E-mails Leaked Ahead of UN Summit

    massive new batch of embarrassing e-mails and documents from prominent climate “scientists” associated with the “ Climategate ” furor of 2009 was released on November 22, just a week before the next big United Nations global-warming summit in Durban,...
  • Copenhagen Summit Opens Amid Climategate Fallout

    Nations and within various national governments — along with their media allies — are struggling mightily to contain the Climategate e-mail scandal .
  • Climategate 3.0: Blogger Threatened for Exposing 97% "Consensus" Fraud

    In what is nearly a replay of the Climategate e-mail scandal of the University of East Anglia, independent climate blogger Brandon Shollenberger has been threatened with a lawsuit and arrest if he releases data that climate alarmists left online...
  • Senator: Prosecute Climate Realists Under Anti-Mafia RICO Law

    When former senior NASA climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer referred last year to vicious climate alarmists as “global warming Nazis” who threaten humanity, he may have been closer to the truth than even he realized at the time. Writing in the Washington...
  • Hundreds Die in Cold Waves — Media Keep Flogging Global Warming

    While brutal blizzards and freezing temperatures blanket much of the world, the major media keep up a steady drumbeat of alarmism concerning the nonexistent "crisis" of global warming.
  • IPCC Researchers Admit Global Warming Fraud

    Global warming alarmists are scrambling to save face after hackers stole hundreds of incriminating e-mails from a British university and published them on the Internet.
  • Using the Food Crisis

    According to internationally acclaimed author and highly regarded expert Lester Brown (pictured), writing in the January 10 issue of Foreign Policy magazine: Tonight there will be 219,000 additional mouths to feed at the dinner table, and many of them...
  • Intolerance: Global-warming Fanatics Intimidate Swedish Scientist

    The recent case of meteorologist Lennart Bengtsson, one of Sweden’s leading climate scientists, shows that Climategate-style censorship of skeptics continues.
  • Media Blasted for “Fake News” on Trump's Climate Stance

    The establishment media is again being accused of pumping out “fake news,” this time for radically distorting the meaning and context of recent “climate change” comments made by President-elect Donald Trump. In an interview with the New York Times ,...
  • Fudging the Global Temperature Record

    How did the UN’s IPCC make it seem as if global temperatures skyrocketed in conjunction with rising CO2 emissions? Simply massage and then bury the data — again and again.
  • U.S. Agencies Accused of Fudging Data to Show Global Warming

    Multiple U.S. government bureaucracies including NOAA, NASA, and the Department of Energy are again being accused of inappropriately manipulating temperature data — or “adjusting” it, as officials at the agencies implicated in the scandal put it — to...
  • Computer Models vs. Climate Reality

    Even diehard alarmists now admit the models used to produce scary climate scenarios are hopelessly flawed, but an equal worry is outright fraud in the temperature data.
  • Do Religious People Live Longer?

    Elissaios Papyrakis as the University of East Anglia has come out with a report that suggests that fewer and fewer young people are attending church, while the longer people live, the greater the drop in the percentage of those who call themselves...
  • Senators Question Flawed NASA Climate Data

    more flawed than the temperature data from the University of East Anglia, the British institution at the center of the " Climategate " scandal entailing the manipulation of evidence in favor of global-warming alarmism. And now, in light of NASA's...
  • Alarmist Prosecutor Demands E-mails from Climate Skeptics

    As climate alarmists shift tactics from propagandizing against global-warming skeptics to intimidating and even persecuting them, the attorney general of the U.S. Virgin Islands has officially taken it to the next level. In what critics are calling an...
  • Climate Fraud? Rep. Warns NOAA of Hiding Subpoenaed Data

    Representative Lamar Smith (R-Texas), chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, warned NOAA chief Kathryn Sullivan of potential criminal penalty for continued defiance of a congressional subpoena for data the agency used to make...
  • Pseudo-scientists Demand Obama Prosecute Climate Realists

    Unable to convince Americans of the alleged dangers of man-made global warming using evidence or the scientific method — or even billions worth of tax-funded propaganda and manipulation — a group of self-styled climate scientists want a new weapon to...
  • Al Gore Forecasted “Ice-Free” Arctic by 2013; Ice Cover Expands 50%

    Self-styled “global-warming” guru Al Gore and a gaggle of supposed “climate scientists” have egg all over their faces — big time. In 2007, 2008, and 2009, Gore publicly and very hysterically warned that the North Pole would be “ice-free” by around 2013...
  • Climate Scientist: “Global Warming Nazis” Threaten Humanity

    Referring to climate alarmists as “global warming Nazis,” Dr. Roy Spencer warned that their “pseudo-scientific ramblings” and support for fascist-style “radical policies” literally threaten the lives of millions of people — especially the poor.
  • Desperate Dash of Global Warming

    As one wheel after another comes off the global-warming bandwagon, the alarmists have cranked up the audacity and volume of their agenda.

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