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  • N.C. Governor Signs Executive Order to Appease LGBT Community and Other Critics

    Tuesday, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory caved to pressure from big businesses and the LGBT community and signed an executive order to change the state’s recently passed LGBT law that barred local governments from extending protections to gay and...
  • Trump’s “Muslim Ban” and Media Myths, Lies, and Censorship

    The “Muslim Ban” that wasn't. President Trump has been accused of instituting an unprecedented unconstitutional ban on Muslim immigrants that was so flagrant that it was immediately overturned by the courts. So wrong.
  • Obama Signs Agenda 21-Related Executive Order

    President Obama signed his 86th executive order (13575) on June 9, which established the White House Rural Council (WHRC). According to The Blaze , the Executive Order seems to be in line with the United Nations radical Agenda 21 , as it is designed...
  • Another Obama Executive Order Allows Seizure of Americans’ Bank Accounts

    President Obama's latest executive order that allows the "freezing" of all accounts belonging to "sanctioned persons" in the US is one in a series of orders going back to President Washington.
  • Disclosure: Reagan NSA Executive Order Worse Than Patriot Act

    Executive Order 12333 issued by Ronald Reagan provides a large loophole for spying on Americans.
  • UN Climate Summit: Obama Unleashes Another Executive Order

    the non-stop apocalyptic blathering of global warming catastrophists, little has been reported on his Climate Change executive order on "climate resilience" issued the same day.
  • Obama Executive Order on Interpol Gives Fatcats Full Tax Exemption

    President Barack Obama amended Reagan-era Executive Order 12425 on December 17, which granted agents of the global police database Interpol full immunity from U.S. tax and customs laws, as if they were full ambassadors from other countries.
  • Abortion Lobby Agrees: Obama Executive Order Is a "Symbolic" Fig Leaf

    In an Oval Office ceremony closed to the press, President Barack Obama on March 24 signed the executive order he had promised to Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) and a bloc of Democrats in order to obtain their votes for healthcare legislation passed three...
  • States Sue Obama Administration Over Executive Order on Immigration

    states have decided to pursue a lawsuit against the Obama administration over President Obama’s issuance of an executive order that would ease the threat of deportation for millions of illegal immigrants. The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday and named the...
  • Trump’s Regulatory Executive Order: One In, Two Out

    White House officials described President Donald Trump’s Executive Order for “Reducing Government Regulations and Controlling Regulatory Cost” as Trump’s “one in, two out” plan: For every regulation promulgated by a federal agency, that agency must...
  • McCain and Graham Seek to Undermine Trump’s Immigration Order

    Scarcely two days after President Trump signed an executive order which would in part review immigration policy between the United States and select countries, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham are already seeking to undermine the president and...
  • Trump Executive Order to Ban Nationals of “Countries of Particular Concern”

    President Donald Trump will soon sign an executive order that will suspend the issuance of visas to “nationals of countries of particular concern,” most notably, Syria.
  • Trump Gets Early Start With Executive Actions to Counter Obama

    President Barack Obama changed federal government policy via executive actions when Congress did not enact certain laws he was demanding. Likewise, the new president, Donald Trump, is expected to use the same method to overturn some of those actions —...
  • San Francisco Sues Trump to Stop Executive Order About Sanctuary Cities

    The city attorney from San Francisco has filed a suit in federal court to stop President Trump’s executive order to withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities.
  • New Iran Sanctions: President Signs Executive Order Citing NDAA Authority

    Once again, a provision of the National Defense Authorization Act is being cited by Washington as justification for a new policy position.
  • Louisiana Gov. Jindal Signs Religious-freedom Executive Order

    Taking a stand for religious liberty, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal signed an executive order Tuesday granting new protections to businesses that do not wish to service faux weddings.
  • Obama to Announce New Gun Controls by Executive Order Next Week

    Another one of President Obama's Second Amendment infringements is on the way, using criminal behavior as cover for the real agenda.
  • In Response to Trump Executive Order, Illegal Aliens Are Fleeing U.S. Into Canada

    Illegal aliens fearful about President Trump’s executive order barring refugees from countries of concern have been seen crossing the U.S. border into Canada recently.
  • Obama Executive Order Authorizes Using Reserves to Fight Ebola in Africa

    President Obama issued an executive order on October 16 authorizing the secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security to call up reserve units to active duty to provide support for civilian-led humanitarian assistance operations fighting the Ebola virus...
  • Obama's Executive Order Authorizes Peacetime Martial Law

    President Barack Obama issued an Executive Order on March 16 giving the White House absolute control over all the country’s natural resources in case of a natural disaster or during a time of war.

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