Despite having announced our withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, the United States is leading the way in dropping greenhouse gas emissions. And some of our biggest critics are not living up to their rhetoric on the issue.

As Facebook grapples with trouble from conservative critics and what it claims is misinformation it wants to stop, chieftain Mark Zuckerberg faces yet another stockholders rebellion.

The Big Tech companies that virtually control online American commerce and the distribution of news and information took another step toward ending free speech and the free exchange of ideas as the cornerstone of their platforms.

Globalist researchers suggest another essential measure to halt the scourge of global warming. Now, we all have to change our diets.

VIDEO - The data used by the IPCC to create predictions on Climate Change underwent an audit recently and the result showed that much of the data is wrong, Senior Editor of The New American, William Jasper, helps us break down this story.






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