Why is the United States still a member of the OECD socialist propaganda cabal, and why are U.S. taxpayers still funding more than 21 percent of its globalist agenda?

The cold weather in South Korea flies in the face of the narrative that climate-change alarmists had hoped to float to a world-wide audience, namely that global warming was threatening the very existence of winter sports. 

The tiny island nation of Tuvalu, once thought to be a certain casualty of rising oceans owing to global warming, is actually growing larger, according to a study by the University of Auckland.

The New American is not in the habit of making predictions, but these two are a slam-dunk: lower gas prices, and further fading away of OPEC's influence over them.

A recent study predicts the sun will go through a “grand minimum” solar cycle by 2050 that will be even worse than the Maunder Minimum of the 17th century, which may have ushered in a period known as the Little Ice Age.

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