For the past year, the news has been full of the unveiling of new weapon systems by China and Russia. On Thursday, President Trump announced America's answer to those new systems.

In December, Washington State’s Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) denied approval of the proposed takeover of the Pacific Northwest’s largest energy company by a Toronto-based electric utility.

Deep State operatives and chiefs — including Comey, Mueller, Clapper, Brennan, and others — ran an illegal surveillance program to spy on Donald Trump, Supreme Court justices, and others, according to whistleblower Dennis Montgomery.

Governor Brown thinks we must treat the "enemy" on the climate change debate as we did Nazi Germany, and "newsman" Chuck Todd believes no other views should even be heard.

Isn't climate change supposed to lead to more violent and more frequent storms? Tornadoes, it seems, are refusing to follow that narrative.

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