Amazon has been shown to have a liberal bias. That being the case, can consumers trust Alexa to be objective while assisting to run your home?



The Cambridge Analytica data-breach scandal continues to haunt Facebook: The British Information Commissioner's Office ordered Cambridge Analytica's parent company to provide an American citizen all of the information it has on him.


Necessity is the mother of invention. It appears that scandal may be a mother of innovation. Scrambling in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal — in which at least 87 million users had their personal data harvested without their knowledge or consent — Facebook is considering offering an ad-free subscription plan. The subscription would allow users who value privacy to use the social media platform without having their data harvested and would provide an alternative revenue stream to the tech giant.

The battle over privacy and encryption is heating up. Again.


Some of those voices making the loudest calls for government intervention are coming from a few alt-tech sites that are very small in comparison to the “Big Tech” giants. One new social media platform, though, is taking the opposite position: Keep the government out of it and let the free market handle this. That CEO is Derek Peterson of Oneway.

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