Friday, 30 September 2016

Hey Congress! You Forgot to Save the Internet

Written by  Larry Greenley

Congress should convene an emergency session of Congress to save the Internet from a handover to a UN-aligned organization.

Congress, you left D.C. on September 29 without taking action to stop the transfer of control of the Internet from the United States government to the UN-aligned Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), scheduled for October 1. [Congress is not scheduled to return to DC until November 14.]

As William F. Jasper wrote in "Obama-UN Internet Takeover Is Just Hours Away":

Members of Congress, national security experts, military professionals, constitutional authorities, privacy advocates, and human rights activists are warning that this pending transition to "independent" oversight by "the international community" is fraught with danger.

You (Congress) could have included a postponement of the handover of the Internet to international authorities in the Continuing Resolution that you passed on September 28, but you didn't.

Just think of the incredible importance of the Internet for our national security, the operations of all levels of government, our economy, our access to information, and our personal free speech and prosperity.

The attorneys general of four states (Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, and Nevada) are making a last-ditch effort to stop the Internet handover by filing a lawsuit in federal district court in Texas. We need more states to join this lawsuit.

However, what we need most of all is for you (Congress) to convene an emergency session of Congress to prevent the handover of the Internet from the United States to an unaccountable UN-aligned organization.

The freedom, security, and economic well-being of 325 million Americans are at stake!

Please hold an emergency session of Congress ASAP and save the Internet!


Note to reader:

Please phone the D.C. offices (Senate: 202-224-3121; House: 202-225-3121) and local offices of your U.S. senators and representative with an abbreviated version of the above message. For example: "Please hold an emergency session of Congress to stop the handover of the Internet from the U.S. to a United Nations-aligned organization. We simply can't afford to subject the Internet to the likely influence of our enemies."

Also, please click here to send the above message in an e-mail to your senators and representative.

(The above article was orginally posted at The John Birch Society earlier in the day and is reprinted here with permission.)


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