Monday, 07 November 2016

Obama Freaks Out Over Freedom of the Press

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Obama recently criticized what he described as the “wild-wild-west” flow of information in America, outraged that “conspiracy theorists” and skeptics of his global-warming theory now have a platform. He also reminisced on the days when just three establishment media outlets dominated the narrative, and were “generally” trusted by Americans.

Today, polls show Americans have overwhelmingly rejected the establishment media's deception, lies, and propaganda. That is why Obama and the establishment he serves are calling for a “curating function” to help control information and the narrative.

But the truth will remain the truth. And because the alternative media has done a better job of seeking and promoting the truth, in recent years it has seen an enormous increase in ratings and influence. This will continue as long as the truth is being reported – something the mischaracterized “mainstream” media has not done in quite some time.

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