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Chinese Tyrant Seeks Global Control After Obama Gave Up Internet

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With Obama having just relinquished U.S. control over key Internet architecture last month, it did not take long for the pro-censorship communist dictatorship in China to openly demand “global governance” of the World Wide Web. The mass-murdering Chinese regime, along with its totalitarian allies worldwide, has actually been pushing for global control of the Internet and a crackdown on online freedom for many years. But now, with Communist Chinese agents installed at the head of key United Nations agencies, and globalists in the West increasingly hostile to free speech, Beijing seems to think the time is right to strike.

Speaking at the opening of the Communist Chinese regime-run “World Internet Conference” Wednesday, ruthless Chinese dictator Xi Jinping and his top propagandist laid out their case for global regulation and globalist control over the Internet. “The development of the Internet knows no international boundaries,” Xi said in a video message (shown) at the start of the conference, the regime's third so far, echoing standard globalist rhetoric in justifying globalism. “The sound use, development and governance of the internet thus calls for closer cooperation.” By “cooperation” for Internet “governance,” Xi meant that the dictators and governments of the world should unite to stop online freedom.

According to Reuters, which reported from the conference in Wuzhen, the Chinese despot, who has led a fiendish crackdown on dissent, also “signaled a willingness to step up China's role in global internet governance.” The tyrant is apparently seeking to rectify “imbalances” in the way standards across cyberspace are established, with Beijing demanding a bigger role for itself and other autocrats nervous about the spread of information and truth. As Xi put it, the Chinese regime, which has murdered more people than any other in history, hopes to “promote equitable global internet governance.” For Beijing and other tyrannies, “equitable” governance means tin-horn Third World dictators should get an equal say in governing the Internet.

Domestically, Beijing operates the world's most Orwellian online censorship regime, often referred to as the “Great Firewall of China.” It helps keep the truth and unapproved opinions from reaching the regime's 1.3 billion victims, while facilitating punishment for thought criminals. The censorship regime also requires the active participation of Western companies. However, in addition to seeking to legitimize the Great Firewall-style Internet censorship and control at the national or regional level, which the regime ludicrously touts as “Internet sovereignty,” globalist control at the international level was a key theme of the conference.

Indeed, one of the main goals of the regime in hosting the conference was to further the notion of a global regulatory regime for the Internet, a dangerous and fringe idea Beijing has been pushing for years. Essentially, the dictatorship and many of its allies — from Moscow and Brasilia to Tehran and Havana — hope to empower the little-known UN International Telecommunications Union (ITU) agency with awesome powers over the Internet. Not coincidentally, Communist Chinese agent Houlin Zhao, who told Korean media in 2014 that censorship was in the eye of the beholder, currently leads the disgraced UN agency.

The widely ridiculed conference was organized by the brutal communist dictatorship's “Cyberspace Administration of China” (CAC),” Beijing's bureaucracy charged with censoring the Web to keep the regime's victims ignorant and controlled. This year was the third annual World Internet Conference.

The star of the totalitarian show, aside from the supreme dictator himself, was Communist Chinese propaganda chief Liu Yunshan, essentially the Goebbels of Beijing who is also a member of the murderous Communist Chinese Party's ruling Politburo Standing Committee. He told attendees that Beijing wants to “cooperate” with other governments and dictators to impose “international rules and standards for the Internet,” according to media reports — apparently “in a more balanced way” than before, where the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment protected free speech and press freedom.

The Chinese regime's chief propagandist, ideologist, and Internet censor, who also serves as chairman of the barbaric dictatorship's “Commission for Building Spiritual Civilization,” trotted out the same globalist arguments purporting to justify globalist bureaucracies and rules beyond the reach of citizens. “There can't be national security for one country while there is insecurity in another,” claimed Liu. “[Governments and dictators] can't seek their own so-called absolute security while sacrificing the security of another country.” In other words, no single government can control the Internet on its own, so the United Nations and other dictator-dominated international outfits need to play a key role.

Despite the well-known tyranny of China's oppressors, Western Big Business, including major U.S. technology companies that have been eagerly jumping into bed with tyrants and unelected regimes to censor the Internet, were all on hand to legitimize the Chinese tyrants' global censorship ambitions. Among others in attendance were representatives of Bill Gates' Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, Wikipedia, and more. Critics said attendance by senior officials from Western companies at the “sham conference” merely served to lend legitimacy to the regime's political theater and propaganda. It also disrespects the victims of Beijing's murderous tyranny, including the estimated 60 million to 100 million killed by the regime since it seized power with help from globalists in the U.S. government.  

Even establishment-minded “human rights” organizations such as Amnesty International expressed concern over the regime's Internet summit. The group called on tech industry leaders in attendance to speak out against the censorship, the brutality aimed at dissidents, and the conscription of foreign companies as “de facto surveillance agents” for the regime. “Tech companies attending the World Internet Conference must have the courage to speak out against the new Cyber Security Law,” said Patrick Poon, China researcher at Amnesty International, about a “cybersecurity law” passed by the regime last week. “This draconian law codifies abusive practices and takes censorship to a level not previously seen in China.”

Reporters Without Borders last year called for a boycott of the summit, not least because the dictatorship refused to allow access to many media outlets, including organs that often serve as apologists for the regime and its schemes such as the New York Times.  

And for the second year in a row, Freedom House ranked China dead last on Internet freedom among all the nations surveyed, including Communist Cuba. “The Chinese government’s crackdown on free expression under President Xi Jinping’s ´information security´ policy is taking its toll on the digital activists who have traditionally fought back against censorship and surveillance,” Freedom House said, calling Beijing the “worst abuser” of online freedom on the planet. “Dozens of prosecutions related to online expression have increased self-censorship, as have legal restrictions introduced in 2015.” It noted that critics of authorities can receive seven-year prison terms for “spreading rumors” and that members of persecuted religious minorities can be imprisoned simply for watching religious videos.

The Trump campaign was forceful in denouncing Obama's dangerous plot to hand over control over Internet oversight to Third World dictators, including Beijing. “The U.S. created, developed and expanded the Internet across the globe,” explained Trump's chief policy adviser Stephen Miller in a statement. “U.S. oversight has kept the Internet free and open without government censorship — a fundamental American value rooted in our Constitution’s Free Speech clause. Internet freedom is now at risk with the President’s intent to cede control to international interests, including countries like China and Russia, which have a long track record of trying to impose online censorship.”

Fortunately for Americans and humanity, it may still be possible for Trump and Congress to reverse Obama's illegal surrender of U.S. oversight over key Internet architecture. Pro-freedom organizations such as the constitutionalist John Birch Society are urging Americans to contact their elected representatives during the lame-duck session of Congress to retake control after the Obama administration's scheme. If Obama vetoes the measure, it would take just a few weeks until Congress could again pass the same bill for President Trump to sign. And already, more than a few GOP lawmakers, who will remain in control of both houses of Congress following the stunning repudiation of Obama's policies, have indicated their strong opposition to Obama's Internet giveaway.  

The Internet is far too important to America, humanity, and freedom to be surrendered to Xi-type gangsters, murderers, and dictators for “global governance.” Congress and President-elect Trump must take action to ensure that the United States, where the God-given right to freedom of speech and a free press is guaranteed in the Constitution, remains in charge of oversight. The fact that the worst abuser of Internet freedom is leading calls to globalize Internet “governance” should tell Americans everything they need to know about the real agenda.


Alex Newman is a correspondent for The New American, covering economics, education, politics, and more. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU.

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