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YouTube Sank Former SEAL’s Channel After He Exposed Sandmann Foe Phillips’ Stolen Valor

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In yet another example of the left’s deplatforming its enemies, real and imagined, YouTube has deep-sixed retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley’s channel, apparently because he exposed “Native American elder” and “Vietnam veteran” Nathan Phillips as a fraud, phony and liar.

The former frogman runs, where he posts amusing videos of his exposing fakes and phonies who steal valor from real SEALs. He uploaded those videos to YouTube at Buds131, at least until recently.

Sometime after February 17, the video behemoth sent the former Navy SEAL packing. Shipley thinks he knows why: When Phillips the “Vietnam veteran” quickly became a national news story after his notorious confrontation with Nicholas Sandmann and the Catholic high school boys at the Lincoln Memorial, Shipley exposed him as a liar.

Shipley Investigates
Shipley became part of the Phillips-vs-Sandmann controversy after the media repeatedly claimed that Phillips was a “Vietnam veteran.”

At first, Phillips denied claiming he was in Vietnam, but video and other evidence quickly surfaced that proved the Ohama Indian spoke with a forked tongue. He had retailed some pretty big whoppers.

He had claimed he was not only a Vietnam veteran but also a “recon-ranger” who, upon returning from fighting for the white man’s government in Vietnam, suffered the indignity that so many veterans supposedly suffered: “People called me a baby killer and a hippie girl spit on me.” For that offense, he claimed, he beat up her boyfriend.

The bedraggled “Native American elder” said he didn’t talk about his “Vietnam times” too much because he didn’t recollect them. Well, he didn’t recollect those times because he never served in Vietnam, as Shipley devastatingly demonstrated with such vim and vigor in an amusing video posted to YouTube.

“Everybody keeps labeling this guy a Vietnam vet,” Shipley observed in the video. “He is not.”

“A lot of these news outlets are using that claim, Vietnam vet, to kind of beef up that story a little bit and make it look even worse, him being a Vietnam vet and getting harassed. He wasn’t a Vietnam vet.”

The story that needed “beefing up,” of course, was the drum-banging confrontation Phillips started with the Catholic boys at the Lincoln Memorial after the March for Life. It turned out that Phillips, with the media’s help, manufactured a tale that not only proved false but also defamatory. Sandmann has sued the Washington Post for $250 million, and, barring apologies and retractions from others who peddled the lies about him, will likely sue more media big hitters, a few celebrities, and one would hope, Chief Elder Fraud.

Anyway, Nathan Phillips wasn’t Nathan Phillips when he joined the Marines. “He did not enlist under that name,” Shipley showed with military records. “The name he enlisted under was Nathaniel Richard Stanard.”

Phillips, then Stanard, “served just under four years and was discharged under the exalted rank of private,” Shipley said. “His entire military education was as a basic electrician,” and his only award was the expert rifle badge.

What was Phillips’ job? He was a refrigerator repairman, Shipley showed, which must have been pretty tough if not chilly duty, given that Phillips repeatedly went Absent Without Leave and “got peep slapped for it.”

Weeks Later ...
That was late January. A few weeks later, YouTube disappeared Shipley.

The global video platform’s excuse? Shipley told PJ Media that a several-years-old video was the reason.

“I have been in YouTube Prison before when phony SEALs would cry to them about being posted,” Shipley wrote in an e-mail to PJ Media. But the term was only six months.

“This time I was told/emailed I was banned from a video I had posted several years ago about a phony SEAL, but after several years I doubt that caused it,” he wrote. “If you ask me, it was because I outed Nathan Phillips. That Indian who masqueraded as a Vietnam vet. THAT video got a lot of attention and a lot of big lawsuits pending from it.”

Buds131, the channel Shipley founded in 2008, boasted 232,806 subscribers.

Shipley will continue exposing phony SEALs.

But he faces the same problem as anyone who dissents from the sinistral narrative that YouTube, Twitter, and others have established: less exposure for his brand.

Such is the hunt to shut down dissent that deplatforming has moved beyond a conservative’s being unable to communicate via social media. Now, banks and credit-card companies, along with Paypal, are refusing service to those with whom they disagree or whose views are unpalatable.

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