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Your Apple Watch May Be Used to Decide Whether You Can Own a Gun

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The Trump administration is reportedly considering a proposal that would see the federal government partnering with Google, Amazon, and Apple in order to use their smart home devices to capture data on users — and then use that information to determine whether users exhibit signs of mental illness and a potential for violent behavior.

The Washington Post published the report, citing sources within the administration. Although it did not specify whether the president himself approves of the proposal, it was apparently brought to the White House by the Suzanne Wright Foundation.

Bob Wright, the organization’s founder and chairman, has a close relationship with the president and was chairman of NBC while Trump hosted The Apprentice

Wright and the Suzanne Wright Foundation, which ostensibly works to fight pancreatic cancer (the cause of death for Suzanne Wright, Bob’s late wife), advocate the creation of a Health Advanced Research Projects Agency (HARPA).

HARPA, which would be located within the Health and Human Services Department, would be modeled after the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Pentagon’s research arm.

Per the Washington Post, the Suzanne Wright Foundation has proposed a project within HARPA called Stopping Aberrant Fatal Events by Helping Overcome Mental Extremes, or “Safe Home” for short.

Under Safe Home, HARPA would develop “breakthrough technologies with high specificity and sensitivity for early diagnosis of neuropsychiatric violence.”

In other words, the technologies developed by HARPA would help identify people with psychological issues who may possibly commit violent acts (such as mass shootings) in the future.

“A multi-modality solution, along with real-time data analytics, is needed to achieve such an accurate diagnosis,” the report reads.

Some of the existing technologies listed as potential solutions for acquiring the needed data: Apple Watches, Amazon Echo, and Google Home.

Geoffrey Ling, the lead scientific advisor on HARPA, said, “Everybody would be a volunteer. We’re not inventing new science here. We’re analyzing it so we can develop new approaches.”

The Safe Home idea would likely work hand-in-hand with efforts to confiscate firearms from those labeled “mentally ill.”

President Trump has repeatedly pointed to “mental illness” as a cause of mass shootings and called for federal red flag laws that would enable law enforcement to “take weapons” from “disturbed minds.”

Critics of red flag laws point to their potential for abuse, citing the possibility of individuals being described as “mentally ill” by acquaintances simply for holding differing political views.

The danger of such abuse increases when you throw into the mix tech giants such as Google and Apple — companies with a record of censoring and de-platforming right-wing voices under the guise of suppressing “hate speech.”

A partnership between Big Tech and the gun-control lobby could be the beginning of an Orwellian state even Orwell himself couldn’t have envisioned. 

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