Whistleblower Zachary Vorhies has come out of the shadows to shed more light on Google's censorship of conservatives and the company’s tactics of intimidation against employees who dissent from its left-wing bias.  

VIDEO - Dr. Duke Pesta talks with contributor Luis Miguel about the conundrum conservatives are encountering with big tech censorship that has been happening. Does the government intervene with the tech sector, or does it stay out of the problems of the private companies? Miguel offers insight, as well as updates and speculation from what the Trump administration might do.

Employees from a California firm revealed that Facebook hired them to review the audio of users who used Messenger’s voice transcription feature.

Former Google employee Kevin Cernekee, who was fired in June 2018, says the tech behemoth is working overtime to ensure that Donald Trump loses the 2020 election.

Kevin Cernekee, a former engineer for Google, claims to have been fired because he advocated for conservative employees who had been subjected to harassment and retaliation by company superiors.

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