The NSA is in the process of moving to the cloud all the data it has collected.

Major tech firms such as Facebook and Amazon are partnering with the Southern Poverty Law Center to censor and prevent charitable donations to alleged "hate groups."

The surveillance state — ever on the rise since 9/11 — is making plans to grow even bigger and dig even deeper into the lives of American citizens. And in this recent push for growth, the federal behemoth has accomplices in state and local governments.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is being forced to face the music over his social media company’s treatment of users’ data. In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal — in which as many as 87 million Facebook users had their data harvested and used to manipulate the 2016 election — Zuckerberg had to face his shareholders Thursday. It wasn’t pretty.

Social media giant Facebook — still reeling from the Cambridge Analytica scandal — is losing ground among the most Internet-connected generation ever, according to a recent survey. The platform held the top spot with a 71 percent share among teens aged 13-17 in a 2014-2015 Pew survey but has slid to fourth place in that same age group in the most recent survey, holding a mere 51 percent share.

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