FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler tried to validate regulating the Internet by relating a personal story. But his story is only half truthful — and the half that’s missing is enlightening.

The FCC, despite being told by courts on two occasions that it is not allowed to regulate the Internet, is going ahead with “Net Neutrality” rules — rules that stifle and tax the Internet.

With the FCC regulating ISPs in the United States and some as yet unknown international organization assuming control of the assignment of Internet addresses and domains, we may be living in the last days of the Internet as a free and open platform for communication and dissemination of information.

Mired in "governmentese" and steeped in double-talk, Net Neutrality has proven to be a tangled web of deceit. Now that the FCC's order has been entered in the Federal Register, the real battle for the fate of Net Neutrality begins.

As if Facebook doesn't do enough damage to users' privacy without help, the social media giant has apparently been either the target or the willing accomplice of a CIA-funded company known as Recorded Future.



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