Despite claims of embracing diversity, Facebook has been accused by a former strategic partner manager for global influencers of having a “black people problem.” 

In the midst of one scandal after another, Facebook — already dealing with plummeting stock prices — is also facing what could prove to be an exodus of its workforce. Current employees are increasingly reaching out to former employees to ask for job references and opportunities outside the social-media giant.



To address the growing concern of cyber-warfare, NATO has launched the “Cyber Coalition 2018” in Estonia — a mere 30 miles from the Russian border. The exercise is a “War Game” focused on defense and counter-attack in the arena of digital battle. 

Google employees are calling on their employer to cancel a project that would bring another censored search engine to China and likely abet the communist government’s human-rights abuses.

According to recently disclosed patents, Google is preparing to take “surveillance as a feature” to a whole new level, with devices in every room of users’ homes to watch, listen, and analyze users’ every word and action.

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