Twitter appears to have reversed a “shadow ban” on prominent Republicans, while YouTube is once again censoring Infowars videos.

Under mounting pressure to account for the exposure of its users to data-mining companies, Facebook suspended another analytics company that uses the social-media giant’s user information.

Twitter has begun purging tens of millions of fake accounts, causing many celebrities and politicians to lose millions of followers overnight. But — considering that the company has known of this problem for years — is the purge all above board?

“You’re entitled to your own opinions. You’re not entitled to your own facts,” goes a saying attributed to liberal icon Daniel Patrick Moynihan. The liberals at Facebook may disagree, however: They’re confusing fiction with fact as they “fiction check” conservative sites into oblivion. A good example is a recent PJ Media article that was wrongly labeled fake news.

Facebook deletes a post containing part of the text of the Declaration of Independence, calling it "hate speech."

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