Twitter permanently banned Alex Jones yesterday after virtuoso performances in which he tangled with Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and CNN’s Oliver Darcy, the media “reporter” who led the Big Media campaign to silence the conspiracy theorist.

The latest story about Google divulges just how much power that company wields, and just how careful we ought to be.

VIDEO - After Trump called out Google for rigging their search results and his economic advisor hinted that the administration may regulate the searches, we explain why regulation is not the answer to censorship and what the answer is.

Now that Facebook has finally explained how 99 percent of PragerU’s conservative videos were censored, it's clear how dangerous one employee — and a group of ideologically motivated users — can be.

Facebook is facing an ideological rebellion similar to the one Google smashed when it fired contrarian James Damore, who challenged the tech behemoth’s leftist orthodoxy police.

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