The Big Tech companies that virtually control online American commerce and the distribution of news and information took another step toward ending free speech and the free exchange of ideas as the cornerstone of their platforms.

PayPal finally joined other Big Tech giants in attacking Alex Jones and his Infowars empire, dumping the conservative conspiracy theorist from its site.

Will our descendants live in tyranny — until rogue artificial intelligence ends man's reign in this world? This is a good question now with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s assertion that “the last free generation” is upon us and that “technologically advanced civilization” is “unstable” and may not “go on for long.”

An expert has warned that Internet tech giants have the capacity to shift “upwards of 12 million votes” in an election. It has been revealed that Google did in fact engage in such manipulation, seeking to vault Hillary Clinton to victory in 2016 by trying to boost Latino turnout.

The Tech Giants say left-wing bias on their platforms is a figment of the conservative imagination, but the figment appeared again this week.

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