Efforts by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) to regulate the Internet may become irrelevant if the new technology being developed succeeds as expected. When the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled against the FCC last December, the FCC rewrote its rules to allow them to regulate the Internet anyway through the whitewash called “net neutrality.” Verizon immediately filed suit to overrule the new attempt, and a House subcommittee in March voted to invalidate the actions of the FCC. But the new rules remain in place until the issue is decided.

Randi ZuckerbergAfter attending the Bilderberg conference in Switzerland in June, Facebook’s marketing director, Randi Zuckerberg, announced that she had solved the cyberbullying issue: Prohibit anonymous Internet activity.

In recent decades such a large portion of scientific research has been funded by governments, either directly or through government-funded universities, that most people can scarcely imagine a world in which research is paid for solely by the private sector. Today, however, researchers are feeling the pinch of government cutbacks and, according to the New York Times, are turning to the Internet to raise funds for their research — a task that, while daunting, also holds rewards for both researchers and donors.

Apple has honored a request from Israel to pull a free iPhone application from its online store that the Israeli government said incited violence against the Jewish state. The Arabic-language app., developed by a Dubai company and entitled “Third Palestinian Intifadah,” was designed to help users “organize anti-Israel protests and share a variety of pro-Palestinian material such as songs, articles, and photos of so-called martyrs,” reported CBN News. The Arabic term “Intifadah” refers to a pair of violent uprisings against Israel over the past two decades.

Facebook for iPhone is the most-downloaded iPhone app ever, but more than a year after Apple introduced the iPad, there is still a notable lack of an official Facebook app for the device. However, it's rumored that Facebook is preparing to change that.

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