President Trump continued his war against the tech giants yesterday in two hot tweets about Google, which he says is biased against him.

A secret scheme to destroy President Donald Trump and silence conservative voices online is back in the headlines again after first being exposed last year.

Is Twitter shadow-banning and otherwise censoring conservatives?The answer depends. Ask President Trump, and you’ll get a yes, with an oath to stop the practice. Ask Twitter chieftain Jack Dorsey, and you’ll get a no.


Facebook has once again apologized for censoring conservative material that apparently offended the social-media giant’s left-wing gatekeepers. This time, the victim was the neoconservative PragerU.

“Social Media is totally discriminating against Republican/Conservative voices,” and “the Trump administration ... won’t let that happen.” So wrote President Trump on Twitter Saturday, in a shot across the bow of increasingly Orwellian social-media companies.

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