The most recent release by WikiLeaks shows that the CIA has developed obfuscation tools for causing its hacks to be falsely attributed to foreign powers. And WikiLeaks has released not only the documents, but also the source code of those tools.

The most recent WikiLeaks disclosures, published last week, detail hacks developed by the CIA to penetrate iPhones and Mac laptops. The leaks — codenamed “Dark Matter” by WikiLeaks — show that the CIA had developed methods for installing surveillance malware on “factory fresh” iPhones as early as 2008. They also reveal that the agency has methods for injecting persistent malware into the firmware of Mac laptops.

The media have spun the recent story about CIA-developed hacking tools by claiming either that there's nothing to worry about, or that the problem is so severe that it is no longer possible to protect our privacy through encryption. In reality, privacy is under attack, but encryption still works.

Recent statements by the CIA and White House, coupled with the FBI's investigation into the source of leaked CIA documents and published by WikiLeaks, serve as admissions that the disclosures are genuine.

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