With all the reporting on the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data breach having been used to manipulate voters for Donald Trump in the 2016 election, the liberal media are silent about Barack Obama doing the same and more in 2012.




Facebook can’t seem to shake off one major blow before another comes along, and may be in very real danger of going the way of the dodo.



Following the news of Facebook’s data breach that allowed political manipulation of the 2016 election, the social media giant is facing a steady stream of criticism from a variety of sources.

Following the news that a company called Cambridge Analytica managed to manipulate votes in favor of Donald Trump in the 2016 election by using leaked Facebook data of at least 50 million people, and coming just as there are new calls for legislation to regulate social media, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg issued a statement apologizing for the data breach. Sort of. Mostly, he blamed others.

As if the “surveillance as a feature” aspect of many (read: most) of the gadgets that make up the Internet of Things (IoT) wasn’t bad enough, Samsung has taken creepy to a whole new level. A website launched by the company in January promises to erase from your memory all of your favorite television shows so you can “re-experience [them] with the same thrilling feeling you had the first time you watched [them].”

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