Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp sent a letter to President-elect Donald Trump on December 13 asking him to launch an investigation into what he describes as "failed cyberattacks" by the Department of Homeland Security against his computer network, which contains Georgia's statewide voter registration database.

Under the leadership of various Communist Chinese agents within the United Nations, the UN's Internet Governance Forum (IGF) met in Mexico last week and concluded with calls for greater international controls and more “governance” of the World Wide Web. Another key item on the agenda was exploiting the Internet to promote the UN's deeply controversial “Agenda 2030” Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), essentially a UN road-map toward global totalitarianism that Beijing played a “crucial role” in developing.

The controversial UN IGF gathering was the first annual summit of governments, dictators, tax-funded “civil society” outfits, academics, and tech companies since Obama surrendered U.S. oversight over crucial components of the Internet's architecture such as ICANN. It was also the first IGF summit since the mass-murdering dictatorship in China, which censors the Web and savagely persecutes dissidents, boldly announced last month its intent to subordinate the free and open Internet to its draconian vision of “global governance.”

On Thursday, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to ask “why DHS was attempting to breach” the firewall protecting his computer infrastructure. The letter also drew attention to the fact that “under 18 U.S.C. 1030, attempting to gain access or exceeding authorized access to protected computer systems is illegal."



To say that Facebook has a spotty record where privacy and censorship are concerned would be an understatement. While the social media giant has — at times — resisted the surveillance apparatus of the NSA and other U.S. government, it has — on other occasions — gone out of its way to help build the culture of surveillance on which the surveillance state rests. Now, for the sake of gaining official access to China, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has developed tools to allow the Communist Chinese government unrestrained censorship of Facebook posts.

The address 33 Thomas Street in Lower Manhattan — less than a mile from the New York Stock Exchange — is a strange-looking structure (shown). The dark gray skyscraper has 29 floors above ground and three basement levels. It has exactly zero windows and is not illuminated at night. The building — known as the “Long Lines Building” — is owned by AT&T. It is also code-named TITANPOINTE and is a major hub of NSA surveillance, with equipment and whole portions of the building dedicated to that purpose.

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