VIDEO - In an interview with The New American magazine, legendary political operative Roger Stone expressed his belief that Democratic National Committee employee Seth Rich was murdered for political purposes — not as a robbery gone bad. In particular, Stone said it was “abundantly clear” that Rich was murdered for having blown the whistle on the DNC by leaking explosive documents to WikiLeaks. Even former DNC boss Donna Brazile — certainly no member of The John Birch Society, Stone said — expressed fear for her life after crossing the Clintons. Stone also said Julian Assange was a journalist and a “truth teller,” not a criminal. Ironically, he noted that liberals loved the WikiLeaks chief when he was exposing the Bush dynasty, but suddenly turned on him when leaks about the Clinton dynasty and Obama began emerging. The Supreme Court has ruled that media may publish information they receive, even if it's classified, and yet the establishment has gone to extremes trying to bring him down. Trump should pardon Assange to end the “idiocy,” Stone said.

Former and current Twitter employees are caught on camera admitting they censor political views they disagree with — without the censored users even realizing it.

Project Veritas is at it again — this time exposing Twitter as part of the “American Pravda” of fake news designed to manipulate the way people think by controlling their access to information and being “more than happy” to violate users’ trust to help the government.

Newly-minted FBI Director Christopher Wray seems to picking up right where his disgraced predecessor James Comey left off in the war against encryption, telling the attendees at the International Conference on Cyber Security on Tuesday that strong encryption is “an urgent public safety issue.”

A newly discovered flaw in the central processing units (CPUs) of computers, mobile devices, and cloud computing devices puts users at risk of hacking — regardless of their software or operating system (OS). And the flaw affects virtually every computer, mobile device, and cloud computing device created in the last 20 years.

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