Wind PowerNuclear power is portrayed by the major media and by environmental activists as dangerous and perhaps even sinister.  Wind power, on the other hand, is considered benign. But the track records of nuclear power and wind power present a different picture.

Chevrolet VoltWilliam Morrison of Des Moines is credited with building the first electric car in 1891. It was successful, except for two problems: the batteries were heavy and expensive, and it wouldn't go very far on a charge. In 2009 Ford and General Motors showed their new line of electric cars at the Detroit Auto Show. They were as pretty as you can make a vehicle. But they have two major problems: the batteries are heavy and expensive, and they don't go very far on a charge.

Raccoon Mountain Pumped Storage PlantCan we reliably, efficiently, and economically store energy to make solar and wind power viable options to replace fossil-fuel or nuclear plants?

oilITEM: On September 16, the House passed the Comprehensive American Energy Security and Consumer Protection Act (H.R. 6899). As described by CNN on the same day, the bill "could clear the way for more drilling in the United States, as the Democrats who control Congress yielded to pressure from Republicans on the issue."

Gas PumpIn early March a sign in front of a Citgo station read Regular/Unleaded: $3.19 per gallon, and I told my companion, “That’s absurd! Why would anyone buy gas there?” We’d just left a “cut-rate” station where it cost “only” $2.98 per gallon.

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