Crude Oil Shortage in Three Years?

Written by Bob Adelmann

Predicting the future for crude oil prices is a hazardous business at best, as the folks at IEA will soon find out.

President Trump's aggressive, pro-energy agenda has helped launch a resurgence of the U.S. coal industry.






The Saudis announced in early 2016 that they would take their state-owned Saudi Aramco oil company public in 2017 or, at the latest, 2018. Now the offering is being delayed into 2019 or perhaps even further into the future.

OPEC’s report on how its members are complying with the production-cut agreement hammered out last fall came out on Monday. As expected, it reported widespread cheating among its members.

Trump's executive actions on oil pipelines serve as a "high alert" to his people that getting these pipeline projects approved is a top priority.

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