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Texas GOP Blasts United Nations Agenda 21

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As the United Nations prepares for its next global conference on “sustainable development” in June, the Texas state GOP recently followed in the footsteps of the Republican National Committee (RNC) by passing a resolution blasting the controversial UN sustainability scheme known as Agenda 21, as well as all of the entities working toward its implementation. Advocates of liberty and national sovereignty celebrated the move as yet another victory in a decades-old battle against the plan.

According to experts and the state GOP’s resolution, the global scheme represents a significant threat to the U.S. Constitution, the individual rights of Americans, and the institution of private property. And despite never having been ratified by the U.S. Senate, it is being foisted on the people of every state through various organizations including an international non-profit group known as ICLEI, formerly called the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives.

The UN agenda, the Texas resolution states, is: “designed to destroy our fundamental rights and liberties as a people, hitherto enjoyed under our system of just government, in order to transform us from men made in the image of God to men re-made in the image of compelled beings, oppressed, having no acknowledged rights or liberties held inviolate; all designed by the enemies of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in order to reduce us to misery and bondage, without hope or God or natural moral absolutes.”

As opposition to the UN plan escalates, however, lawmakers and officials across America are increasingly rejecting the highly controversial global program. Dozens of cities, counties, state legislatures, and even the national Republican Party have already started to fight back. And the most recent effort to turn back Agenda 21 in the Lone Star State — approved by the Texas Republican Executive Committee late last month — was praised by activists across the nation as one of the toughest stands yet. It is now officially part of the state party’s platform.  

According to the document, the Texas Republican Party “strongly opposes every attempt to implement the United Nations Agenda 21 Program.” The people, the resolution observes, believe in “freedom and property and self-government under Nature and Nature’s God, and thoroughly reject the tyranny of globalism in the form of Agenda 21, Sustainable Development.”  

The state GOP supports the full restoration of constitutional justice, individual liberty, property rights, and limited government, according to the resolution. As such, “the people of Texas shall remain free religiously, socially, economically, and politically, according to our natural rights and liberties granted to us by God.”

Those God-given rights, the resolution points out, are guaranteed by the Constitution. So the party resolves to protect them “in order that our fundamental rights and liberties shall be held inviolate forever, standing in opposition to all forms of religious, social, economic, and political globalism as set forth in the United Nations Agenda 21 Program.” As part of the Texas GOP’s official party platform, all Republicans are expected to work toward preserving those rights in the face of UN assaults.

Among the grievances listed in the GOP’s resolution against the global scheme and the apparatus implementing its dictates is the gradual abolition of private property rights — which America’s Founding Father considered sacrosanct. Other undesirable efforts include the use of state land for the international so-called “Wildlands Project,” the “irrational expansion of burdensome EPA regulations” that inhibit sensible development, the “systematic collectivization of human populations into high density housing settlements located in designated urban areas,” and much more.

Also serious problems, according to the resolution, are efforts to depopulate suburban and rural areas, as well as the legions of “extra-constitutional bodies” and non-elected “governing councils” implementing Agenda 21. The UN scheme also seeks to both control and reduce the population to “sustainable” levels, the Texas GOP observed. And the expanding use of so-called “public-private” partnerships, meanwhile, is said to be erasing the essential distinction between free enterprise and public government — all for the “enrichment of the few.”

Controversial educational mandates “to ‘re-educate’ our children to become global citizens instead of self-governing free citizens of this State under our form of constitutional government” are deeply troubling as well, Republicans said in the measure. So is the effort to redefine the justice system away from the concept of “equal justice” under law to the dubious notion of “social justice” — “where the common good is redefined to exclude all natural rights and liberties, in clear contravention of our current Constitution.”

According to the resolution, the UN and its “sustainability” organs are even seeking to erect a new system of values. The emerging ethical code being imposed in America and around the world by stealth is one “where plants and animals and even inanimate objects are given equal status or even greater rights than those now enjoyed by natural individuals and citizens,” the state GOP said.

Activists immediately praised the Texas Republicans’ efforts. “Thank God for Jim Borchert for submitting this and for the State Executive Committee passing this phenomenal resolution,” said the anti-Agenda 21 advocacy group known as Resist 21. “The stars are shining a little brighter in Texas now!”

Not all analysts were quite as enthusiastic about the news, however. To completely undo the damage already wrought by the implementation of Agenda 21 will be close to impossible, and its rejection by the state party does not guarantee that progress will even be made in that direction. 

“The fact that establishment Republicans are just now recognizing Sustainable Development as a fraud is nothing to get excited about,” opined Zack Maxwell, publisher of the Arlington Voice. “Until the state legislature takes action by defunding the facilitators of Sustainable programs, planners will continue to find new, more innovative methods, of selling their environmental agenda to city officials and to the public.”

ICLEI, the UN, and assorted bureaucracies associated with Agenda 21, meanwhile, are all pushing back against the growing wave of popular outrage. Still, dozens of communities have already taken steps to banish the schemes. And proponents of the plans are clearly on the defensive, according to analysts, as they seek to develop new terms to pitch “sustainability” while launching increasingly hysterical attacks on critics.

But supporters of liberty, private property, and national sovereignty largely agree that Agenda 21 advocates are looking ever-more ridiculous and discredited. After all, anyone with an Internet connection can search for Agenda 21 and read the UN’s own documents — some of which openly claim that private ownership of land and the existence of national sovereignty somehow contribute to “social injustice.”   

Even before the GOP’s action, the state of Texas has been at the forefront of opposing the implementation of Agenda 21. Several cities including College Station and Irving have already withdrawn from the scheme just this year. More withdrawals from ICLEI are expected in the coming months, too. And as more and more candidates for public office speak out, the UN plan has quickly become a hot political issue in the state.

Across America, meanwhile, pressure to stop the plan continues to build as well. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle in Tennessee, for example, overwhelmingly approved a resolution last month declaring Agenda 21 a radical socialist plot that must be resisted. And in February, Ocean County, New Jersey, adopted a similar document.

Of course, opponents of the broader UN “sustainability” plans readily acknowledge that there is a long way to go before the agenda is totally defeated in America. But experts say the trend in recent months is encouraging: Resistance to Agenda 21 is growing nationwide, almost as fast as awareness of its dangers is.    

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