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UN Climateers and the “Complete Transformation of the World”

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“It must be understood that what is occurring here, not just in Doha, but in the whole climate change process is a complete transformation of the economic structure of the world. That does not happen overnight. It should happen much quicker than it is happening, but it cannot happen overnight.”

Thus spoke climate chief Christiana Figueres, at the recent United Nations Climate Summit in Doha, Qatar, the two-week-long extravaganza that concluded in a marathon overtime session on December 8. Figueres, who bears the ostentatious title of executive secretary of UNFCCC/COP18/CMP8, uttered the admission quoted above during a December 3 press conference preceding the kick-off of the high-level session of the climate confab. For those who have been paying attention to UN activities, policies, programs, and pronouncements in general, and those related to UN climate-change blatherings in particular, the Figueres admission is shocking only insofar that it is so seldom we are treated to such candid confessions by those who mean to rule us and who mean to re-engineer the lives of everyone on the planet.

Executive Secretary Figueres expanded on this planned “transformation” in an earlier, November 21 interview with the Guardian, Britain’s most influential left-wing daily. While noting that sometimes her job is “thankless,” it is, nevertheless, inspiring, since she gets to help “guide” the “centralized transformation” of humanity and the planet. Her words:

It is the most inspiring job in the world because what we are doing here is we are inspiring government, private sector, and civil society to [make] the biggest transformation that they have ever undertaken. The Industrial Revolution was also a transformation, but it wasn’t a guided transformation from a centralized policy perspective. This is a centralized transformation that is taking place because governments have decided that they need to listen to science. So it’s a very, very different transformation and one that is going to make the life of everyone on the planet very different.

The “centralized transformation” Figueres so earnestly advocates would indeed “make the life of everyone on the planet very different” — and in ways that a sizable portion of the folks on this planet would vigorously object to, it is probably safe to say. Her transformative vision would also take central planning far beyond the realms already practiced during the most totalitarian epochs of Communist dictators Mao Tse-tung and Josef Stalin. Mao and Stalin, in their wildest dreams, could not have imagined a global regime for measuring CO2 and regulating every breath, every cooking fire, every watt of electricity, virtually every activity of every person on Earth. We risk belaboring those obvious points because not a single reporter or commentator in the so-called mainstream media, as far as we can tell, has seen fit to remark on, let alone express alarm over, this stupendous grab for global, despotic power.

Tsk, tsk, say the doubters; no need to get riled over the hyperbolic bloviations of UN bureaucrats at international forums. That’s what they do; it’s part of their job description — nothing to get seriously stressed over. So, relax; don’t worry, be happy.

We can indeed take some satisfaction in knowing that, despite the frantic end-of-the-world fulminations at Doha about global warming, the final takeaway from the summit fell far short of the organizers’ goals.

The world didn’t buy their “solutions,” even after being inundated in hysterical propaganda attempting to link Tropical Storm Sandy and other “extreme weather” with man-made global warming. Even President Obama realized he didn’t have support to press for any of the grandiose global climate schemes.

But that doesn’t mean we’re safe. Over the next 12 months, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will begin issuing its 5th Assessment Report, and the media fright peddling will run nonstop. And President Obama has let it be known that he is taking a different track to enact the UN climate agenda.

Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.) is the one-man Truth Squad in the Senate who has done the most to expose the global-warming sham. In a video message delivered to the Doha summit on December 6, Sen. Inhofe noted: “While he has been racking up huge deficits and talking up tax increases, the President has already sent billions of American taxpayer dollars to the United Nations — and he’s managed to do it quietly so that no one will notice.”

“How many billions have already been handed over in the last three years?” Sen. Inhofe asked. “It’s hard to tell,” he answered. “There appears to be little in the way of transparency.” In addition, Sen. Inhofe has pointed out that the Obama administration is simply disregarding the Constitution and proceeding to implement the UNFCCC agenda through executive orders, the regulatory mandates of the EPA, and the many other programs of the Fedgov leviathan.

The fight must be taken to Congress, where irate taxpayers must convince House members to tie the purse strings and cut all funding to the UN, and to the Fedgov agencies that are feeding the UN beast.

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