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U.K. Lawmakers Seek Extreme Crackdown on Climate Realists

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Faced with the implosion of discredited United Nations theories on “Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming,” climate alarmists in the United Kingdom, including some in Parliament, are now pushing for a major crackdown on skeptics — or “realists,” depending on one’s point of view — in government, media, and more. As more and more scientists defect from the crumbling alarmist bandwagon, however, critics say the hysterical shrieking and dangerous rhetoric from politicians only serve to further illustrate the accelerating collapse of what many climate experts refer to as the “global-warming hoax.”

Members of the British Parliament, especially, are exhibiting increasing evidence of derangement over the slow death of climate alarmism. Indeed, some of the most radical alarmist lawmakers are now calling for cabinet members who question the UN’s dubious theories to just “shut up.” Instead of publicly expressing their views, a group of parliamentarians said skeptics should parrot the imploding official narrative: The notion that global warming, which even leading alarmists admit has been on “pause” for 17 years in defiance of every UN climate model, is caused by human activities and requires planetary carbon taxes and more government control. As the hysteria intensifies, though, even scientists who worked on the UN’s own reports are defecting in massive numbers.

To the ruling establishment in Britain, the trends must be counteracted with much more propaganda. In a bizarre report produced by Parliament’s “Science and Technology Committee,” for example, the British lawmakers also lashed out at the government-funded BBC for occasionally allowing climate realists to express their heretical views. In the document, the parliamentarians called for the development of a coordinated propaganda campaign to bombard the public with alarmist pseudo-science in support of its policy objectives: carbon taxes, more government control, a UN “climate” regime, and more. “As a matter of urgency, the Government needs to draw up a climate change communication strategy and implement this consistently across all Departments,” the report said.

Committee Chair Andrew Miller, meanwhile, following in the Obama administration’s footsteps, essentially called for a full-blown witch-hunt against those who stray from collapsing UN global-warming dogma. “The mandate to act on climate can only be maintained if the electorate are convinced that the Government is acting on the basis of strong scientific evidence so Ministers need to do more to demonstrate that this is the case,” Miller claimed in a remarkably honest statement, calling for government to push more alarmism to continue advancing the radical “climate” policies sought by the political establishment.

Aside from officials who do not tout the alarmism, Miller and his committee were especially outraged with the press for not completely shutting out critics of the increasingly outlandish global-warming hysteria. For example, Miller was quoted in press reports as saying it was “disappointing” that “the BBC does not ensure all of its programs and presenters reflect the actual state of science in its output.” By “actual state of science,” he meant the imploding claims and forecasts made by UN panels and government-funded alarmist “scientists” — many of whom were exposed in the ClimateGate scandal conspiring to “hide the decline” in temperatures, censor climate heretics, and violate Freedom of Information laws. 

Of course, Miller is indeed correct that the state-run broadcaster, widely criticized as a propaganda mouthpiece for authorities and the establishment, has grossly misrepresented the supposed “science” on “climate change” — albeit not in the way he intended. For example, the BBC in 2007 parroted bogus claims by “scientists” who said the Arctic would be “ice-free” by 2013. Instead, ice cover was up more than 50 percent over the previous year, and Antarctic sea-ice cover hit its highest point since records began.

In reality, contrary to Miller’s factually challenged assertions, the UN’s theories on global warming have been thoroughly exposed as wildly inaccurate, at best. Indeed, all 73 of the global outfit’s “climate models” have now conclusively been exposed as embarrassingly off the mark. Not a single one, for instance, predicted a “pause” in warming — much less one that has been ongoing for almost two decades and shows no signs of letting up. Instead, all 73 predicted dramatic temperature increases over that time period. 

Today, the UN’s increasingly hysterical climate reports and predictions are being ridiculed by the world’s top scientists and experts. One leading climate scientist, Dr. Roy Spencer, who served as senior scientist for climate studies at NASA, went even further. After becoming fed up with the childish and dangerous tactics of alarmists, particularly the use of the term “climate denier,” Spencer said that the “global-warming Nazis” were in fact threatening millions of lives — especially among the poor — with their “pseudo-scientific ramblings” and support for fascist-style “radical policies” supposedly aimed at combating “global warming.” 

The parliamentary “science” committee report made claims very similar to Miller’s, suggesting that politicians and alarmists know what information the public should be allowed to see better than journalists or the people. “We found the role of the BBC, as the leading public service broadcaster, to be central to public understanding but were disappointed to find it lacked a clear understanding of the information needs of its audience with regards to climate science,” the report summary explained. “A lack of a clear, consistent messages on the science [sic] has a detrimental impact on the public's trust in climate science.”

The British committee’s report went beyond criticizing the government’s own BBC “media” arm, though, even blasting two of the United Kingdom’s leading newspapers. “We are very disappointed by the heavy reliance that The Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph place on the ability of their readers to distinguish between fact and opinion on climate science,” the lawmakers said, implicitly insulting the intelligence of British subjects while pretending that the UN’s debunked theories represent anything close to facts. “This is especially the case because opinion pieces about climate science in these publications are frequently based on factual inaccuracies which go unchallenged.”

Increasingly losing the battle for public opinion as UN “climate” theories self-destruct in the face of reality, the man-made global-warming theorists are quickly revealing their true colors. Among other trends highlighted by analysts, alarmists are now openly calling for censorship, the jailing or execution of climate heretics, and even Chinese Communist-style governance in the bizarre war against human emissions of carbon dioxide — an essential gas exhaled by all people and necessary for plant life that constitutes a fraction of one percent of “greenhouse gases” naturally present in the atmosphere.

Indeed, in the summary of the report, the British lawmakers explain clearly why they are seeking a fierce crackdown on those who disagree with embattled global-warming theorists. “Most recent polls … have indicated a clear drop in the public support for climate change and therefore, if Government wishes to retain its mandate for action it needs to improve public understanding of the scientific basis [sic] for climate change policy,” it reads. Put another way, the British are waking up to the implosion of the UN’s theories, and so, if the government wishes to impose its radical schemes with at least a semblance of public support, more alarmist propaganda is urgently needed.

As The New American reported last year, the Obama administration has pursued a similar course, waging a full-blown witch-hunt against “climate deniers” in the federal government and even suggesting they could be fired if their scientific views are discovered. At the UN, meanwhile, global “Climate” Czar Christiana Figueres told reporters that the Communist Chinese system of tyranny — where critics are simply jailed, re-educated, tortured, or executed; and the Communist Party controls all policy — was better suited to fighting “global warming” than America’s constitutional traditions of self-government. More than a few prominent “climate” maniacs, including university professors, have actually proposed executing, forcibly brainwashing, or imprisoning critics of their imploding theories.         

The world, led by fanatical global-warming theorists as well as an out-of-control political establishment hoping to impose its will by fomenting and exploiting climate alarmism, is rapidly approaching very dangerous territory. The calls for censorship, jail, and even execution of those who disagree with UN models that have already been shown to be wildly inaccurate (or even deliberate frauds) are growing louder as the bogus science crumbles. As the alarmist bandwagon continues to fall apart even faster, the hate and vitriol will only become more intense and deranged.  

Despite governments squandering hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars per year on “climate” schemes, much of the public sees through the charade — so much so that the UN and its power-hungry “member states” understand that their radical dream of a global “climate” regime controlling every facet of human existence is on the verge of slipping out of reach. As those trends accelerate, the fanatical and dangerous proposals to “deal” with climate realists will only become more extreme. In the end, though, science, truth, and evidence may still win out — especially if the global cooling many respected experts are forecasting comes to pass.              


Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU.

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