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Climate Alarmists Ridiculed Amid Record Cold Year Across U.S.

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With supposed “global warming” still on pause for almost 18 years and counting, the United States has seen its coldest year ever so far in 2014, according to U.S. government temperature data compiled by climate researchers. Indeed, parts of the North American continent — particularly around the Great Lakes region — have seen temperatures as far as ten degrees or more below average between January and May. Thousands of new record lows have been recorded so far this year across the country, too.

On the climate-focused website Real Science, independent researcher Steven Goddard used temperature data from the U.S. Historical Climatology Network to produce a graph showing what was happening. Earlier this month, he concluded that through May 6, at least, 2014 had been the “coldest year on record so far” in the United States. The temperature records involved, which critics have said are actually being manipulated in various ways to show warming, go back to the 1890s.

Another graphic posted on Real Science, produced at the High Plains Regional Climate Center, illustrates the year-to-date departure from normal temperatures across the continental United States. With the exception of some parts of Florida and the Southwest, which were very slightly above average, the country experienced temperatures well below normal between January 1 and May 21. The Midwest was especially chilly, with temperatures mostly between five and ten degrees cooler than average.

Across the region, the chill has also been associated with record-setting levels of ice in the Great Lakes. By early March, official data show a stunning 92 percent of the lakes’ surfaces were covered with ice. In mid-April, a record-setting 37 percent of the lakes were still frozen, which analysts said could contribute to making the summer of 2014 even chillier than it might otherwise have been. Since records began, the closest any April had ever come to this year’s record was less than 25 percent ice cover.

If the summer of 2014 is not warmer than average, this year could go down in history as the coldest ever for the United States, according to analysts. “Assertions that warming temperatures in the United States are causing a host of problems are soundly contradicted by the objective temperature data,” explained James Taylor, managing editor of Environment & Climate News. “The U.S. Historical Climatology Network thermometers, which have been measuring U.S. temperatures since the 1890s, show no long-term trend in U.S. temperatures.”

Meanwhile, sea ice levels in Antarctica continue breaking through previous record highs set in recent years. Data from the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSDC) showed that sea ice coverage in April of 2014 smashed through the previous record high for the month, set in 2008, by close to 125,000 square miles. The latest data from this month show new ice records were also reached in May, and those record-setting trends look set to continue. Ice cover has also been “significantly above average” for 16 straight months. The massive levels of sea ice are the highest since records began.

Of course, none of this was supposed to happen. According to the alarmist global-warming theorists at the United Nations and in the Obama administration, as emissions of carbon dioxide continued to grow, the world was supposed to be getting warmer. Instead, global temperatures have remained steady for close to two decades — at least if controversial “official” data are correct. More than a few experts are now even forecasting the dawn of a naturally driven period of global cooling, with potentially devastating consequences for people.

The record cold and the record ice cover experienced recently do not “prove” that the anthropogenic global-warming theories put forward by the UN and Obama are incorrect. However, with every single UN climate model having predicted accelerating warming over the last 18 years — warming that never came — countless independent scientists say the controversial theory is wrong. Desperate alarmists have been scrambling for excuses, with the Obama administration pushing what critics call the “Theory of the Ocean Ate My Global Warming.” Few serious scientists take the claim seriously, and it is not backed up by observable evidence.

Incredibly, despite having predicted warming, a handful of the most devoted global-warming theorists are now trying to claim that the frigid U.S. and Antarctic conditions are actually due to “global warming.” For the most part, though, what critics refer to as the climate “doomsday priesthood” and its mouthpieces in the establishment media have remained strangely silent on all of it. If it was hot, of course, there would be no end to the headlines trumpeting that fact. The record cold has barely been mentioned. And with an El Niño climate cycle potentially coming up, it remains to be seen how the press will react — if at all.

While the United States has been especially cold, global temperatures for 2014 have remained close to the 30-year average, according to researchers. Overall, even the most fanatical global warmists have been forced to concede in recent years that there has been no global warming for at least 17 years and nine months so far. Those trends look set to continue as well — even as Big Government politicians demanding carbon taxes and a UN “climate” regime continue frothing at the mouth over supposed “warming” that simply refuses to come.

Indeed, with developments in recent years, numerous prominent experts say global cooling is probably on the way. “There is overwhelming evidence that global warming no longer exists and that the use of CO2 and the greenhouse gas theory by the UN and our own government represents what I and other scientists believe is the greatest scientific fraud in history,” explained Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC) chief John Casey, a former White House space program advisor and climate researcher. “The record winter of 2013-2014 along with others in the past six years is but one example of how this recently started solar hibernation will continue to make the Earth much colder."

Despite having all 73 of its climate models discredited by the actual data, though, the United Nations is still struggling to keep the public in a frenzy based on its “global warming” theories. The Obama administration, which recently released a hysterical “climate” report that was debunked in less than two weeks by independent scientists, also continues to push the “warming” narrative. Some of the most extreme warmists on the fringe of the fringe are even suggesting that those who point out the now-obvious flaws in the UN’s theory are a “danger to national security.” Others have called for re-education and even execution of “heretics” who expose the alarmism.

Public support for global warmism and the proposed “solutions,” though, remains extremely low among Americans, polls show. As the desperate warming faithful become more and more extreme and loony with their easily debunked apocalyptic claims, critics and analysts say they are merely further marginalizing themselves. Still, the UN and numerous national governments around the world are working fiendishly to impose a “global warming” regime on humanity at an upcoming “climate” summit in Paris next year. Obama, meanwhile, is trying to foist much of the agenda on Americans via unconstitutional executive decrees.

As The New American reported recently in a series of magazine articles, 2013 may have been the worst year thus far for what critics refer to as the global-warming cult. Not only were its predictions and forecasts consistently discredited all over the world — from record sea ice coverage to massive snow falls to steady temperatures instead of warming — much of its blatant deception was exposed, too. As The New American also reported last week, the warmists are now threatening to sue a climate blogger who exposed the “97 percent consensus” fraud as a monumental lie not even remotely based on reality.

The bad news for the UN and Obama warming theory just keeps on coming. However, the warmists are extremely determined and, apparently, opposed to traditional notions of science — as evidenced by the deranged attacks on the blogger who exposed the consensus fraud. At least one internationally respected climate scientist is now warning that the “global warming Nazis” pose a major danger to humanity.

The window of opportunity for “global-warming” theorists to impose a UN “climate” regime on humanity to ration energy and control every facet of life is on the verge of being slammed shut forever. As such, expect warmist politicians and the remaining warming faithful to become even shriller, more unhinged, and more vicious in the weeks and months ahead — regardless of how cold it gets.

Alex Newman is a correspondent for The New American, covering economics, education, politics, and more. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU.

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