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German Scientist-Author Challenges Global Warming Alarmism (Video)

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Dr. Sebastian Lüning, an award-winning scientist from Germany, is one of the many foreign experts who converged on Las Vegas for the Heartland Institute’s 9th International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC9), held July 7-9.

Together with Professor Fritz Vahrenholt, Dr. Lüning authored the important 2013 book The Neglected Sun: How the Sun Precludes Climate Catastrophe. Dr. Vahrenholt’s “defection” caused seismic quakes in the climate alarmist ranks, since he was a founding father of Germany’s environmental movement and a director of one of Europe’s largest alternative energy companies. On June 18, 2012, just two days before the opening of United Nations’ Rio+20 Earth Summit, Vahrenholt sent a shock through the green ranks with an op-ed in Britain’s Telegraph entitled “Global warming: second thoughts of an environmentalist.” Vahrenholt took special aim at the UN’s now thoroughly discredited Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). He wrote,

For many years, I was an active supporter of the IPCC and its CO2 theory. Recent experience with the UN’s climate panel, however, forced me to reassess my position. In February 2010, I was invited as a reviewer for the IPCC report on renewable energy. I realised that the drafting of the report was done in anything but a scientific manner. The report was littered with errors and a member of Greenpeace edited the final version. These developments shocked me. I thought, if such things can happen in this report, then they might happen in other IPCC reports too.

Dr. Lüning shares Dr. Vahrenholt’s disdain for the IPCC’s politicized and corrupted “science,” and points out that real science is now being vindicated and more scientists are crossing the line to dissent from the rigid orthodoxy enforced by the powerful political and economic clout of the climate catastrophists. Dr. Michael Mann and other IPCC “experts” who were involved in trying to make the inconvenient Medieval Warm Period disappear (with the infamous “Hockey Stick” graph popularized by Al Gore) have been forced to admit that the Medieval Warm Period — which is well established in the geologic record worldwide — did indeed happen.

In his video interview below with The New American at the Heartland conference, Dr. Lüning surveys the geological evidence showing that there is at present no global warming that is outside the natural variability that has been experienced on the planet since its creation.

Dr. Lüning’s presentation at, and participation on, the ICCC9 panel “Solar Science and Climate” can be viewed here.

Dr. Lüning’s presentation at, and participation on, the ICCC9 panel “International Perspectives on Climate Change” can be viewed here.

The entire lineup of the speakers and panels for the conference, with links to videos of the events, can be accessed here.

Image: screenshot of interview with Dr. Sebastian Lüning


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