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Heartland President Discusses Climate Skeptic Conference (Video)

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Heartland Institute President Joe Bast took time out of his hectic schedule at the Ninth International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC9) in Las Vegas (July 7-9) to discuss with The New American the state of climate science and the encouraging advances climate skeptics/realists are making. (See the video below.)

The Heartland conferences have done much to demolish the false “scientific consensus” claims that are aimed at stifling all dissent and debate and silencing all critics. (See our links at the bottom of this article exposing the “consensus” fraud.)

For The New American's coverage of Heartland’s previous climate conferences, see, for example, “2008 Climate Debate: Science Conference Challenges Global Warming Alarmism” and video interview with astrophysicist Dr. Willie Soon at the Heartland Institute's 2010 Climate Conference in Chicago.

The entire lineup of the speakers and panels for the ICCC9 Las Vegas conference, with links to videos of the events, can be accessed here.

TNA articles and videos covering the Heartland Climate Conference, ICCC9:

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