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Amid No Warming in 18 Years, “People’s Climate March” Ridiculed

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Amid no increase in temperatures for almost two decades and record-high levels of sea ice, tens of thousands of global-warming protesters, maybe more, marched in New York City on Sunday demanding a wide array of absurdities and totalitarian measures. Among other schemes ridiculed by experts, “People’s Climate March” organizers and partners, many of whom arrived on fossil-fuel guzzling busses or private jets, pushed for an end to fossil fuels (or a return to the stone ages, global poverty, and mass deaths), a United Nations-run “climate” regime to battle the “gas of life” carbon dioxide, and much more.

Despite widespread ridicule of climate alarmists amid the implosion of their theories, UN boss Ban Ki-moon, politicians, numerous celebrities, and discredited climate guru Al Gore all marched, too. Organized by billionaire front groups, the Communist Party USA, and myriad other “useful idiots” — a term used by establishment insiders to describe their dupes — the march in New York reportedly attracted a few hundred thousand people, at least if the estimates provided by organizers of dubious credibility are to be believed. Other estimates suggested the numbers were in the tens of thousands. Similar marches, though much smaller, occurred in other major cities around the world.

From the start, it was clear that promoting global socialism was at the top of the agenda. “A socialist world that will deliver a high standard of living for all,” declared a self-declared socialist politician speaking at the opening rally to widespread applause. More than a few marchers were caught chanting obscenities against police while attacking “capitalism” as the source of humanity’s problems. 

Other participants highlighted one of the key themes of the march as described on its website — changing “everything” from the economy to civilization. “We said it would take everyone to change everything — and everyone showed up,” claimed Eddie Bautista, executive director of the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance, echoing the “change everything” theme pushed by organizers.

Despite the hype by marchers and the establishment press, however, polls consistently show that a solid majority of Americans rejects the man-made global-warming theories pushed by the marchers, the UN, and the Obama administration. According to a recent Pew poll, for example, 53 percent of Americans reject the controversial theory. Even among the remaining faithful, however, dealing with alleged CO2-driven warming remains at the bottom of people’s priority lists. A recent Gallup poll showed just one percent of respondents see “environment and pollution” as the most important problem facing America. 

“Environmental activists have tried really hard in recent years to raise the profile of greenhouse gas issues,” Dan Simmons, vice president for policy at the market-oriented Institute for Energy Research, told Fox News. “Limiting greenhouse gas is not something that the majority of Americans consider one of the most pressing issues of our time.”

Of course, water vapor, responsible for some 95 percent of the greenhouse effect, is beyond human control. And despite the hysterical demonization of the essential gas exhaled by humans and required for plants as “pollution,” man’s CO2 emissions represent a fraction of one percent of the greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere. Ironically, few marchers in New York seemed aware of even the basics of the science. 

Instead, between the calls for global socialism, activists and organizers spent much of the time deflecting serious questions about the lack of global warming for 18 years in defiance of all UN climate models, the “carbon footprints” of Al Gore and other ringleaders, and more. “That is a question you shouldn’t be asking here today because that defies the spirit of what this is about,” explained actor Mark Ruffalo when asked by Climate Depot about the gargantuan amounts of CO2 emitted by ringleaders of the climate-alarmism movement (widely ridiculed as a “cult” by critics for refusing to change its beliefs in the face of observable evidence).

In the real world, where discredited anthropogenic global-warming (AGW) theories and predictions are increasingly becoming punchlines for jokes, top climate scientists were ridiculing what critics called the “global rent-a-mob.” Dr. Roy Spencer, for example, who served as senior scientist for climate studies at NASA and has long warned of the dangers to humanity posed by climate alarmists, highlighted the marchers reliance on fossil fuels for transportation, phones, electricity, food, drinks, clothing, and more — all while protesting fossil fuels. “Their health care and entire standard of living that allows them the luxury of attending the march required abundant and affordable fossil fuels,” he explained.

Dr. Spencer, who has responded to vicious attacks on climate scientists and skeptics from AGW theorists by labeling the alarmists “global warming Nazis,” also pointed out the ignorance of the protesters. “Most of these marchers have romantic, emotional, uninformed attitudes about energy,” he wrote on his popular website. “I get letters and emails from them sometimes, advocating nonsensical solutions to the global warming problem, like increased reliance on ‘anti-gravity.’... The marchers are trying to teach us how we should live our lives, when they have no clue what life would be like if they got their way.”

Someday, Dr. Spencer continued, there will be a realistic and affordable supply of non-fossil-fuel energy. “But that day is not here yet. And its arrival cannot be legislated or negotiated with a treaty,” he noted. “It will arrive not through the efforts of politicians and actors, but through the hard work and technical knowledge of geeks (probably employed by a fossil fuel company) seeking to meet the energy demands of every human on Earth. A demand which will never go away, because energy is required for everything we do.”

Much of the pseudo-environmentalist “Green Movement” behind the march was recently exposed yet again as being funded, controlled and exploited by what a Senate report last month described as “the Billionaire’s Club.” More than a few billionaire members of that “club,” as well as the AstroTurf groups they bankroll, were in New York for the march. Some of the lesser billionaires, such as fringe leftist Tom Steyer, currently dropping tens of millions to purchase congressional seats for alarmist candidates, were even there in person. 

Ironically, though, a Rockefeller-funded “green” activist leader who runs the anti-CO2 outfit, which is seeking draconian global limits on “the gas of life” exhaled by human beings, highlighted the alleged wealth of those who reject discredited AGW theories. “They have all the money, but I think we’re demonstrating today [that] we have quite a few people,” ringleader Bill McKibben told the Los Angeles Times by phone from the march. “This is what happens when people organize — things begin to shift.”

With global-warming theorists’ faces covered in growing amounts of egg as their theory implodes on the world stage, the derangement and desperation among alarmists was also becoming increasingly apparent. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., for example, called for politicians who reject his discredited theory to be imprisoned. “I wish there were a law you could punish them with,” Kennedy complained in an interview with Climate Depot for an upcoming documentary, referring to politicians who obey their oaths and respond to the wishes of their constituents by rejecting AGW alarmism. “They ought to be serving time for it.” He singled out the Koch brothers, accusing them of alleged “war crimes” to be prosecuted in The Hague and even “treason” — a crime for which the punishment can be execution.

The widely ridiculed march, aside from being desperately hyped by propagandists in the establishment media, was aimed primarily at dictators and national governments converging on New York this week for UN “climate” talks. Virtually everyone acknowledges that there is no chance that the U.S. Senate will agree to shackle America under a planetary global-warming regime, so Obama vowed to bypass Congress and the Constitution to impose it. Lawmakers promised to fight back. Separately, five out of 10 national leaders ruling over the nations with the highest CO2 emissions plan to skip the alarmist festivities in New York as the AGW theory continues to melt away under scrutiny.

It remains to be seen whether the “people’s climate march” will boost the establishment plot to regulate and tax a gas exhaled by all people at the global level. For the sake of freedom and prosperity, though, Americans who see through the charade should redouble their efforts to expose what countless scientists now refer to as the “climate hoax.”

 Photo of protestors at the "Climate March" in New York City: AP Images

Alex Newman is a correspondent for The New American, covering economics, education, politics, and more. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU.

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